A-Hmao language

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Large Flowery Miao
ad Hmaob lul
Native to China
Region Guizhou, Yunnan
Ethnicity A-Hmao
Native speakers
300,000  (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 hmd
Glottolog larg1235[2]

The A-Hmao language, also known as Large Flowery Miao (Chinese: 大花苗) or Northeast Yunnan Miao (Diandongbei, Chinese: 苗语滇东北方言), is a Hmongic language spoken in China. It is the language the Pollard script was designed for,[3][4] and displays extensive tone sandhi.[5] There is a high degree of literacy in Pollard among the older generation.

The standard written language, both in Pollard and in Latin script, is that of Shíménkǎn (石门坎) village in Weining County.


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