A-Train (JR Kyushu)

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JR Kyushu A-TRAIN 03.png
KiHa 185 series A-Train, October 2011
Service typeLimited express
LocaleKyushu, Japan
First service8 October 2011
Current operator(s)JR Kyushu
Line(s) usedKagoshima Main Line, Misumi Line
Rolling stockKiHa 185 series DMU
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Operating speed110 km/h (70 mph)

The A-Train (A列車で行こう, A ressha de ikō) is a seasonal limited express train service operated by Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) in Kyushu, Japan, since October 2011.[1]

Service pattern[edit]

The service operates between Kumamoto and Misumi, mostly at weekends and holiday periods, with two return workings per day.[2]

The train stops at Uto Station en route.[2]

Rolling stock[edit]

The train is formed of a specially modified 2-car KiHa 185 series diesel multiple unit set (KiHa 185-4 + KiHa 185-1012) which previously operated on Trans-Kyushu Limited Express services.[1] The design concept was overseen by industrial designer Eiji Mitooka.[1]


The main seating saloons retain the original 2+2 reclining seats used in the Trans-Kyushu Limited Express, with new seat covers.[1]


The A-Train service was introduced on 8 October 2011.[1]

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