A.B. Purani

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A. B. Purani
Born Ambalal Balkrishna Purani
present-day Gujarat, India
Died 1965 (aged 70–71)
Nationality Indian
Period 20th century

Ambalal Balkrishna Purani (1894–1965) was a prominent disciple and biographer of Sri Aurobindo.

Life and work[edit]

Purani was born in the state of Gujarat in India. A nationalist activist as a young man, in 1923 he joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram on being convinced by Sri Aurobindo that he need not worry about the freedom of India as it was sure to come in time. He was a personal attendant to Sri Aurobindo from 1938 to 1950.[1]

His work, most notably The Life of Sri Aurobindo [2] and Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo,[3] constitutes one of the main sources on the life and sayings of this guru. He travelled extensively to give lectures on the yogic teaching of Sri Aurobindo, visiting the United States in 1962. Some of the lectures are available in book form which include major works like Savitri and the Life Divine.

His Evening Talks throws a major light on the personality of the great master Sri Aurobindo and his multifaceted knowledge.

Lectures on Savitri gives a brief idea about the great epic Savitri.


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