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A.C. Doukas School
Full name Athletic Club of Doukas School
Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Εκπαιδευτηρίων Δούκα
Founded 1979
Colours Blue and White
Chairman Ioannis Doukas
Titles 14
Website Club home page
Active departments of A.C. Doukas
Basketball pictogram.svg Handball pictogram.svg Futsal pictogram.svg
Basketball Handball Futsal
Athletics pictogram.svg Badminton pictogram.svg Karate pictogram.svg
Track and Field Badminton Karate
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A.C. Doukas School (Greek: Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Εκπαιδευτηρίων Δούκα/Α.Σ.Ε.Δ.) is a Greek multisport club based in Marousi, Athens. It is founded in 1979 by Doukas School and its colour is blue and white. The home of the club is the Dais gymnasium in Marousi. The club has teams in Handball, Basketball, Track and Field, futsal, Badminton and Gymnastic.[1]

Basketball team[edit]

The basketball team was founded in the early 1990s. Nowadays, men's team plays in Beta Ethniki (third-tier level). The most successful era of the club history was the period 2003–2007, when the club played in A2 category (second-tier level).

Handball team[edit]

The handball team is the most successful team of the club having won many championships and cups of both men's and women's. Men's team has won 3 championship and 4 cup and women's team has won 1 championship and 1 cup.[1] Men's Doukas team plays in A1 Ethniki (first division). In current season it finished in seventh place and the previous year it had finished in third place.[2]

Men's team recent seasons[edit]

Season Division Place Notes
1985-86 A1 Ethniki 3rd Finalist Greek Cup
1986-87 A1 Ethniki 3rd Finalist Greek Cup
1989-90 A1 Ethniki ?? Finalist Greek Cup
1991-92 A1 Ethniki 3rd
1993-94 A1 Ethniki 3rd
1995-96 A1 Ethniki 3rd
1997-98 A1 Ethniki 1st Winner Greek Cup
1998-99 A1 Ethniki 2nd Winner Greek Cup
1999-00 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2000-01 A1 Ethniki 1st
2001-02 A1 Ethniki 2nd
2002-03 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2003-04 A1 Ethniki 6th Finalist Greek Cup
2004-05 A1 Ethniki 6th
2005-06 A1 Ethniki 4th
2006-07 A1 Ethniki 6th
2007-08 A1 Ethniki 1st Winner Greek Cup
2008-09 A1 Ethniki 6th
2009-10 A1 Ethniki 3rd Winner Greek Cup
2010-11 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2011-12 A1 Ethniki 4th
2012-13 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2013-14 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2014-15 A1 Ethniki 8th
2015-16 A1 Ethniki 6th Finalist Greek Cup
2016-17 A1 Ethniki 2nd


Men's team
Women's team

European record[edit]

Men's team
Season Competition Round Club 1st leg 2nd leg Aggregate
2016–17 Challenge Cup R3 Greece IEK Xini Dikeas 21–27 24–16 45–43
1/8 Turkey Tasova Yibo SK 32–28 34–30 66–58
QF Portugal Sporting CP 23–35 25–27 48–62

Doukas Futsal team[edit]

Doukas Futsal team was founded in 1996. It plays almost constantly in the first division championship and has won 1 championship and 4 cups. In current season (2013–14), Doukas played in the finals of championship but it was defeated by Athens 90 and finished in second place.[3]


Athletics team[edit]

Doukas has a section of athletics. Many notable Greek athletes have transferred in Doukas. Cases in point are Niki Bakogianni, Angeliki Tsiolakoudi and Stella Tsikouna.[1]


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