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Alfred Cooper Woolner
Alfred Woolner.jpg
Alfred Woolner's statue outside Punjab University in Lahore
BornMay 1878
Died7 January 1936(1936-01-07) (aged 57)
Academic background
Academic work
Main interestsSanskrit, Prakrit

Alfred Cooper Woolner (May 1878 – 7 January 1936) was a Sanskrit scholar and professor as well as the vice-chancellor of the University of the Punjab in Lahore.


Woolner was educated at Ipswich School and Trinity College, Oxford. In 1903, at the age of twenty-five Woolner he joined the University of the Punjab as its Registrar and Principal of its Oriental College.[1] From 1928 until 1936 he served as Vice Chancellor.[2]

Woolner died in Lahore and is buried in the city's Gora Kabristan on Jail Road. He was survived by his wife Mary Emily Woolner. On his wife's death in 1944 she bequeathed the majority of her estate to the University of the Punjab.[3] Punjab University Library's collection of over 8,500 Ancient Sanskrit and Hindi manuscripts is named in his honour.[4] The only remaining intact statue from the British Raj era in Lahore is that of Dr. Woolner which stands in front of the Pharmacy Department of Punjab University.[5]



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