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AFC Aldermaston
Full name Association Football Club Aldermaston
Nickname(s) "The Atom Men" (c.1950s)
Founded 1952
Ground AWE Recreational Society
Chairman Damion Bone[1]
Manager Kieran Jennings
League Thames Valley Premier Football League Premier Division
2014-15 Thames Valley Premier Football League
Premier Division, 5th

A.F.C. Aldermaston is a non-league English association football club based in Aldermaston, near Newbury, Berkshire. The club is affiliated to the Berks & Bucks Football Association.[2] The team's motto, Facta Non Verba, comes from a Latin phrase meaning "deeds, not words".[3]

The club has played at AWE Aldermaston (on the Hampshire-Berkshire border) since its establishment in 1952. As of the 2014-15 season they play in the Thames Valley Premier League, having transferred from the Hampshire Premier League Premier Division at the end of the 2013–14 season.

In 2010, the club lost 40 consecutive games, which led to news reports proclaiming them the "worst English football team in history". The news was carried in publications including The Independent,[4] The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail,[5] the Zimbabwe Independent,[6] and UEFA.[7]



A.F.C. Aldermaston was founded in 1952 by Charles Green BEM, Ted Hall, Gordon Carter, and Don Sharp. The team – then known as AWRE Football Club – were nicknamed "The Atom Men" after the newly founded Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.[8]

As the AWRE complex was still under construction when the team was established, the players used empty contractors' huts as changing rooms – carrying the tin bath into whichever building was designated for that day's football.[8] The players were also responsible for the pitch, and would mow and mark out the pitch before the match started.[8]

The club received support from William Penney during his work at AWRE on the Operation Hurricane project.[8]

Football league[edit]

In the late 1960s/early 1970s, the club was asked to changee its name to "AFC Aldermaston" – The ‘AFC’ is said to stand for AWRE Football Club, their previous name, now coupled with the addition of the town where they are based.[8]

In the 1970s, Aldermaston moved from the Reading & District League to the Hellenic Football League Division One – spending seven seasons in that league. From 1986 until 1991, the club played in local football leagues,[9] including the North Hampshire League. For the 1991–92 season, Aldermaston joined the Hampshire League Third Division, finishing fifth in their first season.[8] The team spent one season in the second division, before returning to the third division for the rest of the 1990s.[9] Upon reorganisation of the Hampshire League for the 1999–00 season, Aldermaston were placed in the premier division – effectively being promoted two divisions.[9]

Wessex League[edit]

When the Hampshire and Wessex Leagues merged in 2004, Aldermaston became members of the Wessex League which they remained part of until 2010. The club competed the 2010/11 season in the Hampshire Premier League,[1] having finished the 2009/10 season in 21st (bottom) place.[10]


A.F.C. Aldermaston play at the Recreational Society (commonly abbreviated to "Rec Soc") at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, having been founded shortly after the complex's establishment. Until 1990, the society's Head Groundsman was Eddie Seaward.[11] After leaving Aldermaston, Seaward became Head Groundsman at Wimbledon's All England Lawn Tennis Club,[8] and received an MBE in 2007 for services to sport.[12]


Facilities at the Rec Soc include railings, training facilities, floodlights, a club shop and a clubhouse.[13] There are also non-football facilities, including cricket pitches, squash courts, and a gymnasium.[14]


The club's average home attendance for the 2009–10 season is 25.[15] The record home attendance is 150.[13]

Club records[edit]

  • Highest League Position:[9] 7th in Hellenic League Division one 1979-80

2010: 40 consecutive defeats[edit]

On 8 April 2010, Aldermaston became the "worst English football team in history" by losing 40 consecutive games.[1] The 40th loss was against Downton, where Aldermaston lost 2–0.[1] Aldermaston had, until the 86th minute, been drawing 0–0. They were also "down to 10 men".[1] Chairman Damion Bone stated that he believed that the poor performance over the season was due to players' commitments.[16] The team had lost 10 players to Tadley Calleva before the start of the 2009/2010 season.[5]

On 13 March 2010, Aldermaston had almost broken their losing streak – also playing against Downton.[17] The final score was 2–1; Aldermaston's last-minute equaliser was disallowed.[1] Had they drawn, they would have equalled the Stockport/Poole record of 39 consecutive losses.

The previous record (of 39 straight losses) was held jointly by Stockport United and Poole Town.[1][16] Bone stated that the team hadn't sacked the manager, Carl Griffifths, as "he stepped down just after Christmas".[1] Griffifths left the club after the team lost 2–1 to Stockbridge on 20 March 2010, citing work-related commitments.[18][19] Adie Heath, the manager of the reserve team, was announced as caretaker-manager.[19]

The team broke their losing streak on 10 April 2010 by drawing 1–1 at home against Warminster Town,[5][20] and won the following game 2–1 against Petersfield Town.[18]

Season-by-season record since 1979[edit]

Season Division Position Significant Events
Joined Hellenic League Division One
1979–80 Hellenic League Division One 7
1980–81 Hellenic League Division One 12
1981–82 Hellenic League Division One 15
1982–83 Hellenic League Division One 15
1983–84 Hellenic League Division One 13
1984–85 Hellenic League Division One 13
1985–86 Hellenic League Division One 16
A.F.C. Aldermaston left Hellenic League
1986–1991 A.F.C. Aldermaston played in local football, mainly the North Hampshire League
A.F.C. Aldermaston joined Hampshire League Division Three
1991–92 Hampshire League Division Three 4 Promoted
1992–93 Hampshire League Division Two 17 Relegated
1993–94 Hampshire League Division Three 9
1994–95 Hampshire League Division Three 18
1995–96 Hampshire League Division Three 10
1996–97 Hampshire League Division Three 15
1997–98 Hampshire League Division Three 11
1998–99 Hampshire League Division Three 15
Placed in Hampshire League Premier Division upon league re-organisation
1999–00 Hampshire League Premier Division 21
2000–01 Hampshire League Premier Division 21
2001–02 Hampshire League Premier Division 21
2002–03 Hampshire League Premier Division 20
2003–04 Hampshire League Premier Division 17
Placed in Wessex League Division Two upon its formation
2004–05 Wessex League Division Two 22 Relegated
2005–06 Wessex League Division Three 9
Wessex League Division Three renamed Wessex League Division Two
2006–07 Wessex League Division Two 13
Placed in Wessex League Division One upon league re-organisation
2007–08 Wessex League Division One 21
2008–09 Wessex League Division One 14
2009–10 Wessex League Division One 21 Relegated
2010–11 Hampshire Premier League 15
2011–12 Hampshire Premier League

Source: AFC Aldermaston at the Football Club History Database

Current squad[edit]

  • Alex Sylvester
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Callum Eaton
  • Carmel Tonna
  • Christoper Allen
  • Jack Mackinnon
  • Jamie Porter
  • Kai Parton-Edey
  • Karl Ward
  • Kevin Butcher
  • Lee Wheeler
  • Liam Belcher
  • Liam Tackley
  • Martin King
  • Matthew Desay
  • Matthew Wilkins
  • Michael Porter
  • Nicky Black
  • Omar Kofie
  • Ryan Alexander


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