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The A.O. Kovalevsky Medal, awarded annually by the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists for extraordinary achievements in evolutionary developmental biology and comparative zoology, is named after the noted Russian embryologist Alexander Kovalevsky. Since 2002, only one medal has been awarded annually (excepting a joint award in 2014).{Mikhailov and Gilbert, 2002}


The 2001 medal was awarded to

  • Donald Thomas Anderson (Australia), comparative anatomy and embryology
  • Gary Freeman (USA), Professor of Zoology University of Texas Austin, embryological grounds of animal evolution
  • Brian Hall (Canada), Professor of Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada; synthesis of embryology and evolution
  • Olga Mikhailovna Ivanova-Kazas, Professor of St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
  • Claus Nielsen (Denmark), development of comparative morphology and phylogeny of multi-celled organisms
  • Rudolf Raff (USA), James H. Rudy Professor of Biology, at Indiana University, and the author of several books on embryology and evolution
  • Rupert Riedl (Austria), Professor of Zoology at the Vienna University, Austria
  • Klaus Sander (Germany), Professor of Zoology at Freiburg University, Germany


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