A.S.D. Chiavari Calcio Caperana

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Chiavari Caperana
Chiavari Calcio 1.png
Full name Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Chiavari Calcio Caperana
Founded 1972 (as Caperanese)
Dissolved 2014
Ground Stadio Angelo Daneri,
Chiavari, Italy
Chairman Italy Stefano Risaliti
Manager Italy Massimo Gardano
League none
2013–14 Serie D/A, 8th

A.S.D. Chiavari Calcio Caperana was an Italian association football club, based in Caperana, a frazione of Chiavari, Liguria.

Chiavari Caperana last played in Serie D.


The club was founded in 1972 as A.S.D. Caperanese. The team was promoted to Eccellenza Liguria in the 2000–01 season after an ascent started in Seconda Categoria in the 1998–99 season.

In the 2009–10 season Caperanese won the national play-offs of Eccellenza Liguria and so was promoted in Serie D.

In summer 2010 the club was renamed A.S.D. Chiavari Calcio Caperana.[1] At the end of the 2013–14 Serie D season it was not admitted to the next edition and folded thereafter.

Colors and badge[edit]

The team's colors are green and blue, such as the municipality.

Non-playing staff[edit]

Board of directors[edit]

Position Name
Chairman Italy Stefano Risaliti

Corporate management[edit]

Position Name
General Director Italy Francesco Bacigalupo
Charge of the First Team Italy Agostino Cocciolo
Technical Director Italy Vittorio Raffo
Director of Football Italy Alberto Barbieri
Team Manager Italy Davide Focacci
General Officer Italy Fabio Salini


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