Taranto F.C. 1927

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Taranto F.C. 1927.jpg
Full name Taranto Football Club 1927
Nickname(s) Ionici,
Rossoblu (Red Blues)
Founded 1927
1993 (refounded)
2012 (refounded)
Ground Stadio Erasmo Iacovone,
Taranto, Italy
Ground Capacity 27,584
Chairman Italy Domenico Campitiello
Manager Italy Salvatore Campilongo
League Serie D/H
2014–15 Serie D/H
Website Club home page

Taranto Football Club 1927 is an Italian association football club, based in Taranto, Apulia. The club was founded in 1927, having last been in Serie B in 1993. It currently plays in Serie D.


A.S. Taranto[edit]

Former logo AS Taranto

The first team ever founded in the city of Taranto was the Mario Rapisardi, established in 1904. However, in 1904 another team, U.S. Pro Italia, was founded. That year, the two teams attempted unsuccessfully to merge with each other. In 1911, after the founding of Audace Foot Ball Club by a group of local students, a rivalry between the two teams started, lasting until 1927, when the two teams merged to form A.S. Taranto. The new team first promoted to Serie B in 1935, played only one year in that category. In 1947, after merging with U.S. Arsenale Taranto, another team in the city, the club assumed the name of U.S. Arsenaltaranto, which lasted until 1955, when the old one was restored. In 1965, the new venue was inaugurated, after a hundred days of construction. A number of years played in Serie B and Serie C saw the highest peak ever reached by Taranto in 1977–1978, when the team, led by striker Erasmo Iacovone, was seriously fighting for a surprising promotion. However, on 6 February 1978, Iacovone was killed in a car accident. After his death, Taranto's venue was named after him. Taranto left Serie B in 1980/1981 and reached it again three years later. In 1985 the club was declared bankrupt by magistrates, and was taken over before the end of that season. Because of all that, it was forced to change its name to a different one, Taranto Football Club SpA. However, after more economic woes, the team was disbanded in 1993.

A new team, named A.S. Taranto 1906, was established in 1993 and registered to Serie D. The team reached Serie C2/C in 1994/1995, but went into liquidation in 1998, so that a new team, again named U.S. Arsenaltaranto, was admitted to Serie D. In 2000 it was admitted to Serie C2/C, and changed its name to Taranto Calcio Srl. However, in 2004 the team was declared bankrupt one more time, and the consequent bankruptcy auction entrusted the club in the hands of businessman Vito Luigi Blasi, who changed its name in Taranto Sport Srl. In 2005/2006, the team ended second, gaining a spot in the promotion play-offs. The final phase of the Serie C2/C league ended in a triumph for Taranto Sport, which won the playoff finals against Rende and returned to Serie C1/B.

On 29 June 2012 it was excluded from Italian professional football after does not join 2012–13 championship of Lega Pro Prima Divisione.[1]

Taranto Football Club 1927[edit]

In the summer 2012 was founded the new company Taranto Football Club 1927 that restarted from Serie D[2] thanks to Article 52 of N.O.I.F.. [3]

Colors and badge[edit]

The team's colors are red and blue.

Notable former players[edit]


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