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Coordinates: 38°57′13.19″N 92°22′18.94″W / 38.9536639°N 92.3719278°W / 38.9536639; -92.3719278

A.W. Smith Law Building
A.W. Smith Law Building at Night.jpg
General information
TypeOffice Building
Architectural styleSustainable Design
Address2100 West Broadway Avenue
Town or cityColumbia, Missouri
CountryUnited States
Current tenantsThe A.W. Smith Law Firm P.C., Columbia Real Estate, Virtual Fiber
Construction startedFebruary 14, 2011
CompletedJuly 1, 2012
OwnerAaron W. Smith
Height30 ft
Technical details
Floor area6,556 sq ft
Design and construction
Architecture firmPeckham and Wright Architects, Inc.
Civil engineerCrockett Engineering
Main contractorCoil Construction

A.W. Smith Law Building is a modern-styled limestone office building in central Columbia Missouri.[1] It is located at the intersection of Broadway and Stadium Boulevard and sits diagonally across from the Shelter Office Plaza.[2]

The A.W. Smith Law Building is home to The A.W. Smith Law Firm, P.C.. The building has three separate office suites that are joined by doors through the middle of this 6,500 square foot structure.[1] The A.W. Smith Law Firm, P.C. occupies the largest suite in the middle and west wing.[3] The south wing of the building is occupied by Columbia Real Estate,[4] a boutique real estate company that sets the bar high with superior service and results and Virtual Fiber[5] a company that specializes in high definition photo slideshows, high end virtual tours, aerial drone videos and website creation.

Lawyer and philanthropist A.W. Smith is the owner of the building.


Prior to construction of The A.W. Smith Law Building, the environment of its location was not maintained.[6] It consisted of abandoned homes. The building was developed despite objections from the community, specifically concerning the increased traffic through their residential neighborhoods.[7] Currently, this neighborhood is in transition as older homeowners leave and families with children or renters move in.[8] Most homes in this neighborhood are ranch-styled brick homes built in the 1960s.[8] Many of these homes are being purchased, remodeled, and resold.[8]

Some of the neighbors were initially against the building's formation.[6] The Bourne Avenue Neighborhood Association fought the redevelopment plans.[6] Smith made multiple concessions to the neighborhood.[3] The Columbia City Council met in October 2010 to address the controversy.[7] The rezoning was approved, pursuant to certain restrictions on the property. The new zoning ordinance limited the size of the building to 6,500 square feet, authorized professional office use only, and prohibited medical and dental businesses from utilizing the space.[7]


The design of The A.W. Smith Law Building mimics the design of old limestone courthouses that are found throughout Missouri. The design is meant to blend in with the neighborhood.[3] The exterior of The A.W. Smith Law Building is covered in large limestone blocks (each block weighing several hundred pounds). The building stands at approximately 30 feet at its highest point and has a total square footage of 6,556. The interior of the building contains high ceilings. The interior walls of the building are mostly painted in navy and neutral tones. The building also features hardwood flooring.[9] Architectural and interior designs were done by the firm Peckham and Wright Architects, Inc.


Demolition of the old structure commenced on February 14, 2011. Abandoned homes that previously inhabited the property were demolished. Construction was then delayed due to ongoing zoning and technical difficulties. The zoning process took six months before new construction began in early fall of 2011. Construction progressed through the winter of 2011-2012. The building is expected to be completed in the summer of 2012. Construction of the building is being handled by Coil Construction of Columbia.[10]


AW Smith law building is one of the first businesses in the Columbia area with a Fiber Optic internet connection. This type of internet connection can achieve speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second upload while simultaneously providing 1 gigabyte per second download.


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