A. A. Turki Group

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A. A. Turki Group (ATCO)
مجموعة عبد الرحمن علي التركي
Key people
Abdulrahman Ali Al Turki (Chairman)
Ziad Al-Turki (Vice Chairman)

A.A. Turki Group commonly known as ATCO, (Arabic: مجموعة عبدالرحمن علي التركي) is a very diversified business group based in Dammam in Saudi Arabia, and active since the mid-1950s. It is wholly owned by Abdulrahman Ali Al-Turki. The group has twenty-three different divisions, joint ventures and standalone companies. Its activities comprise: trading, construction, retail, IT services, tourism, chemicals, construction materials and others. Honeywell and ABB count among its partners. The group doesn't disclose its figures, but its revenue is believed to be at least 2 Billion SAR ($1= 3.75 SAR).[citation needed] Its different subsidiaries employ more than 3000 people.

ATCO comprises 23 divisions, joint ventures and standalone companies. The group offers a wide range of products and services, including the following :

  • Automation & Control
  • Commercial Trading & Services
  • Port Management & Marine Services
  • Engineering & Contracting
  • Retail Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics Management
  • Telecom Products & Services
  • Oil & Gas Products & Services