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Ahmed Cemal Eringen[1]
Born (1921-02-15)15 February 1921
Kayseri, Turkey
Died 7 December 2009(2009-12-07) (aged 88)
Residence U.S.A.
Nationality Turkish
Citizenship Turkish American
Turkey, U.S.
Alma mater Technical University of Istanbul, İstanbul-Turkey
Known for
Awards Eringen Medal (1977)
Scientific career
Fields Applied mechanics
Institutions Princeton University
Purdue University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York City
Thesis Solution of the Two-dimensional Mixed-mixed Boundary Value Problem of Elasticity For Rectangular, Orthotropic Media And Application To The Buckling Of Sandwich Beams[1]
Doctoral advisor Nicholas John Hoff[1]
Influenced Ahmet S. Çakmak,[2] Erdoğan S. Suhubi, Fazıl Erdoğan,[3][4][5][6][7] Erhan Kıral, Erhan Çınlar, Ahmet Nihat Berker, Attila Aşkar

Ahmed Cemal Eringen[1] (born February 15, 1921, in Kayseri, Turkey - December 7, 2009[8][9]) was a Turkish- American engineering scientist. He was a professor at Princeton University and the founder of the Society of Engineering Science.[10] The Eringen Medal is named in his honor.[10]


Eringen studied at the Technical University of Istanbul and graduated with a diploma degree in 1943 and then worked for the Turkish Aircraft Co. until 1944. In 1944/45, he was a trainee at the Glenn L. Martin Company and in 1945 was group leader at the Turkish Air League Company. He continued his studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in New York City where he received his doctorate in applied mechanics in 1948[11] under the supervision of Nicholas J. Hoff.[12]

Academic life[edit]

He became assistant professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1948, associate professor in 1953 and professor in 1955 at Purdue University. He was appointed as professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at Princeton University in 1966. He became professor of continuum mechanics in the departments of civil and geological engineering and the program in applied and computational mathematics[13] at Princeton University. He retired in 1991 as the dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University and died in 2009. Eringen had been married since 1949 and had four children.

Research areas[edit]

His work deals with continuum mechanics, electrodynamics of continua and material theories.


In 1981 he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow (D. Sc.). In 1973 he received the Distinguished Service Award and the 1976 as named in his honor A. C. Eringen Medal of the Society of Engineering Science, whose president he was in 1963 to 1973.[8]



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