A. Craig Copetas

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A. Craig Copetas
A. Craig Copetas.jpg
Nationality Greek
Citizenship Greek
Education Ohio University
University of East Anglia
Harriman Institute of Advanced Russian Study
Occupation Author, correspondent

A. Craig Copetas is a Greek author and international correspondent currently based in Paris. Copetas joined the London bureau of Rolling Stone magazine in 1973 before moving to Esquire magazine. He was a staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal and a senior writer for Bloomberg News until early 2012.[1] He is married with two children, based in Paris, and correspondent-at-large for Quartz/The Atlantic Group.

Copetas has published several books, including Bear Hunting with the Politburo, Updated: American Adventures in Russian Capitalism (2001), Metal Men[2] and Mona Lisa's Pajamas.


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