A.D. 2083

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A.D. 2083
A. D. 2083 Title.png
Developer(s) Midcoin
Publisher(s) Midcoin
Platform(s) Arcade
Release 1983
Genre(s) Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Sound Sound CPU : Z80, Sound Chips : AY8910, TMS5110
Display Vertical, Raster, 224 x 256 pixels, 106 colors
The player fires at the diagonally moving red ship as three other ships approach from the background.

A.D. 2083 is an 8-way scrolling pseudo-3D shoot 'em up arcade game released by Midcoin in 1983, set in 2083. Gameplay is similar to Time Pilot, except that enemies can appear from the ground or 'merge' into battle from the distance.

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