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Allan James "Jim" Baker (22 July 1922 – 3 March 2017), usually cited as A. J. Baker, was an Australian philosopher who was best known for having systematised the realist philosophy of John Anderson.[1][2] He studied under Anderson at Sydney University and had taught philosophy in Scotland, New Zealand, the United States and Australia. He was a prominent member of the Sydney Libertarians and the Sydney Push.[3] He instigated, and was a prolific contributor to, several journals, compilations and newsletters that addressed issues, philosophical and otherwise, associated with Sydney Libertarianism. Among these were Libertarian (1957 - 1960), Broadsheet (1960 - 1979), The Sydney Line: A Selection of Comments and Criticisms (1963), Heraclitus (1980 - 2006) and The Sydney Realist (2005 - ). In 1997 he published a monograph, Social Pluralism: A Realistic Analysis, in which he posited his exposition of human social life.


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