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Undated portrait of Albert Levi Burt

A. L. Burt Company was a New York based book publishing house from 1883 until 1937. Founded by Albert Levi Burt, it began reprinting home reference works, before expanding into the field of children's books. Upon Albert Burt's death in 1913, his son, Harry Prentice Burt, took over. Harry Burt retired in 1937, selling the company to Blue Ribbon Books.[1] Its books promoted a romantic view of exciting topics such as aviation and radio.[2][3][4]

Works published[edit]

  • The Adventure Girls (3 volumes, 1936)
  • Arden Blake (3 volumes, 1934)
  • Beverly Gray (8 volumes, 1934-37)
  • Girl Scouts Mystery Series (6 volumes, 1933-36)
  • The Girl Scouts Series (10 volumes, 1922-25)
  • Linda Carlton (5 volumes, 1931-33)
  • Mary Lou (3 volumes, 1935)
  • Mexican Mystery Stories for Girls (3 volumes, 1936)
  • The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Alexandre Dumas, 1907.
  • Chesterfield's Letters
  • Representative Men


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