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A. Laubin, Inc. is an American maker of oboes and English horns, located in Peekskill, New York. The first Laubin oboe was made in 1931 by Alfred Laubin, a performing musician who was dissatisfied with the quality of instruments available at the time. The creation of oboes began as a home project, but soon Mr. Laubin was able to make oboes which met the demands of his own playing career. These instruments impressed his professional oboist friends, many of whom began playing Laubin's oboes during this time. Eventually, oboe-making developed into a full-time occupation, beginning in the mid-1950s. In 1956, Alfred's eldest son Paul Laubin joined the business, doing repair work and eventually learning every aspect of oboe-making before taking over the business when Alfred died in 1976.[1]

Today, Paul Laubin who was born about 1932/1933 (age 84–85), his son Alexander who was born about 1976/1977 (age 40–41),[2] and longtime repairman and instrument finisher David Teitelbaum, continue to produce just under 20 instruments per year. While other oboe manufacturers have moved to a largely automated process, using computerized milling machines and standardized parts, Laubin still does everything essentially by hand, using belt-driven lathes, drills, and hand tools.

In spite of their relative scarcity, Laubin oboes are played by a significant number of highly regarded oboists, including some in the New York Philharmonic, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.[3]


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