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Alfred McLelland Burrage (1889 – 1956) was a British writer.

He was noted in his time as an author of fiction for boys which he published under the pseudonym Frank Lelland, including a popular series called "Tufty". [1]

He served in the First World War and published a memoir of his experiences, War Is War, as "Ex-Private X". War is War became a bestseller.[2] His humorous novel, Poor Dear Esme (1925), described by Jack Adrian as a "comic classic", was often reprinted.[2]

Burrage is now remembered mainly for his horror fiction, which was originally collected in the books Some Ghost Stories (1927) and Someone in the Room (1931, as by "Ex-Private X") and has been reprinted by Ash-Tree Press.[1] Bleiler has described Burrage's work thus: "The best stories in SOME GHOST STORIES and SOMEONE IN THE ROOM are intelligent, well crafted, and imaginative."[1] Richard Dalby has ranked Burrage as "one of the finest English ghost story writers, alongside Benson, Wakefield and James."[3] Neil Barron has stated "Burrage's underrated short stories are deft and subtle, and include a number of poignant posthumous fantasies."[4]

Burrage was a Roman Catholic.[2]


  • Poor Dear Esme (1925)
  • Some Ghost Stories (1927)
  • Someone in the Room (1931)
  • Seeker to the Dead (1942)
  • Don't Break the Seal (1946)
  • Between the Minute and the Hour (1967)


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