A. M. Dellamonica

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AM Dellamonica at FanExpo.jpg
A.M. Dellamonica at FanExpo 2013 in Toronto
Occupation Writer
Language English
Nationality Canadian
Genre Science Fiction and Fantasy
Notable awards Sunburst Award 2010
Spouse Kelly Robson

Alyxandra Margaret (A. M.) Dellamonica (born 1968) is a Canadian science fiction writer who has published over thirty short stories in the field since the 1980s. Dellamonica writes in a number of subgenres including science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history. Her stories have been selected for "Year's Best" science fiction anthologies in 2002 and 2007.

She attended Clarion West Writers Workshop in 1995.

Dellamonica teaches creative writing online at the UCLA Extension Writer's Program. She also reviews science fiction books and science fiction related websites for SciFi.com and for tor.com.

Her first novel, Indigo Springs, was published by Tor Books in November 2009. Her fourth novel, A Daughter of No Nation, was published in December 2015.[1]

Nominations and awards[edit]

Dellamonica's Joan of Arc alternate history story "A Key to the Illuminated Heretic" was nominated for the 2005 Sidewise Award for Alternate History[2] and was on the 2005 Preliminary Nebula Ballot.[3] In 2005, she received the Canada Council for the Arts' Grant for Emerging Artists.[4] Dellamonica's first novel, Indigo Springs, was awarded the 2010 Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic.[5] In 2016, her fourth novel A Daughter of No Nation won the Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel.[6]



  • Indigo Springs, 2009
  • Blue Magic, 2012
  • Child of a Hidden Sea, 2014
  • A Daughter of No Nation, 2015
  • The Nature of a Pirate, 2016

Short fiction[edit]

  • "Lucre's Egg," in Crank! Magazine (1994)
  • "Jailbreak," in Terminal Fright Magazine (1996)
  • "Homage," in Crank! Magazine (1996)
  • "Crusader," in Tomorrow Speculative Fiction Magazine (1996)
  • "Love Equals Four, Plus Six," in Realms of Fantasy Magazine (1996)
  • "Furlough," in Pirate Writings Magazine (1996)
  • "Prodigal," in Audio Versions (1998)
  • "The Man with No Motive," in Writer's Block Magazine (1997)
  • "The One Act," in Realms of Fantasy Magazine (1997)
  • "Novice," in anthology 365 Scary Stories (1998)
  • "The Dark Hour," in anthology Tesseracts 8 (1999)
  • "Nevada," in webzine SCIFI.COM (2001)
  • "The Girl Who Ate Garbage," co-written with Jessica Reisman in webzine SCIFI.COM (2001)
  • "Three Times over the Falls," in webzine SCIFI.COM (2002)
  • "Living the Quiet Life," in webzine Oceans of the Mind (2003)
  • "A Slow Day at the Gallery," in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (2002)
  • "Living the Quiet Life," in webzine Oceans of the Mind (2003)
  • "The Riverboy," in anthology Land/Space (2003)
  • "Cooking Creole," in anthology Mojo: Conjure Stories (2003)
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  • "Faces of Gemini," in anthology Girls Who Bite Back: Mutants, Slayers, Witches and Freaks (2004)
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