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A. M. Esmonde
Born (1977-08-20) 20 August 1977 (age 38)
Swansea, Wales
Other names Aaron Michael Esmonde
Occupation Novelist / director
Years active 2008–present

Aaron Michael Esmonde (pen name A. M. Esmonde, born 20 August 1977, Swansea, Wales)[1] is a horror, scifi and fantasy novelist, director and producer.[2] The vampire horror novel Blood Hunger (2010)[1] was his first work to be published, followed by the popular zombie novel Dead Pulse.[3] Both ebook editions ranked in the top 100 (free) horror and fantasy charts, Blood Hunger position #13 with Dead Pulse reaching #39.[4] In May 2014 his third novel The Final Version[5] a science fiction thriller was released,[6][7][8] with the free ebook ranking at #12 in the USA science fiction cyber punk chart [9] on 31 August 2014 and #42 [10] in the UK dystopian science fiction chart on 30 August 2014.

A. M. Esmonde was also a producer on the film Terminus (2010),[11] which was directed by Sean P. Parsons, and acts as a prelude story to the Blood Hunger novel.[1] He also produced the related short Revamped (2009).[12] In 2013, he became an associate producer of Call Girl the first film in David P. Baker's City of Sin[13] series. Also, 2013 saw him direct a revenge themed music video,[14] "Say My Name", for the rock band V0iD.

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