A. R. Rahman – A World of Music

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A. R. Rahman – A World of Music
Compilation album by A. R. Rahman
Released March 25, 2009
Recorded Panchathan Record Inn
A.M. Studios
Genre World Music, Film score
Label Sony Music
Producer A. R. Rahman

A. R. Rahman – A World of Music is a compilation album of score and songs composed by Film score composer A. R. Rahman. It was released on March 25, 2009 on Sony Music. It includes excerpts from soundtracks spanning 1992–2007 that changed the face of Indian film music. A. R. Rahman – A World of Music features fifty one tracks compiled and eight bonus tracks. the album features songs from both Tamil and Hindi films.

Release and reception[edit]

The album was released separately as a 3-CD set and a 5-CD set with bonus DVD. "We have released the product in various price categories/formats. The idea of this compilation is to present A R Rahman’s greatest works done by the legend himself in a delectable pack which is comprehensive and is value for money to the buyer", said a Sony BMG official.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

Disc 1, captioned "The All Time Classics!" includes some of AR Rahman's all-time best Hindi songs. Some of the songs are dubbed versions of respective Tamil songs (like Kehna Hai Kya (Kannalane))

  1. "Dil Se" (from Dil Se..)A. R. Rahman, Anuradha & Anupama
  2. "Kehna Hi Kya" (from Bombay)K. S. Chithra & A. R. Rahman
  3. "Awara Bhanwra" (from Sapnay)Hema Sardesai & Malaysia Vasudevan
  4. "Rang De Basanti" (from Rang De Basanti)Daler Mehndi & K. S. Chithra
  5. "O Re Chori" (from Lagaan)Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik & Vasundhara Das
  6. "Tere Bina" from Guru)A.R.Rahman, Murtuza Khan, Quadir Khan& Chinmayee
  7. "Roobaroo" (from Rang De Basanti)Naresh Iyer & A.R.Rahman
  8. "Yeh Rishta" (from Meenaxi)Reena Bhardwaj
  9. "Ae Nazneex Suno" (from Dil Hi Dil Mein)Abhijeet Bhattacharya
  10. "Chinnamma Chilakkamma" (from Meenaxi)Sukhwinder Singh
  11. "Dheeme Dheeme" (from Zubeidaa)Kavita Krishnamurthy
  12. "Ay Hairathe" (from Guru)Hariharan
  13. "Mitwa" (from Lagaan)Udit Narayan, Sukhwinder Singh, Alka Yagnik&Srinivas
  14. "Gurus Of Peace" (from Vande Mataram)Akash, A. R. Rahman

Disc 2[edit]

Disc 2 is titled "Cutting Across language Barriers" contains tracks in various languages including Hindi (11), Tamil (3) and English (1).

  1. "Hey Goodbye" (from Aayutha Ezhuthu) — Sunitha Sarathy, Shankar Mahadevan, Lucky Ali & Karthik
  2. "Mayya Mayya" (from Guru) — Maryem Tollar, Chinmayee & Keerthi
  3. "Taxi Taxi" (from Sakkarakatti)Benny Dayal, Blaaze, Javed Ali & Viviane Chaix
  4. "O Humdum" (from Saathiya)Kunal Ganjawala, KK, Shaan & Pravin Mani
  5. "Paathshala" (from Rang De Basanti)Naresh Iyer & Mohammed Aslam
  6. "Mangal Mangal" (from Mangal Pandey)Kailash Kher
  7. "Chale Chalo" (from Lagaan)A.R.Rahman & Srinivas
  8. "Ye Ye Enna Achu" (from Kadhal Virus)Vasundhara Das
  9. "Maa Tujhe Salaam" (from Vande Mataram)A.R.Rahman
  10. "Shakalaka Baby" (from Bombay Dreams)Preeya Kalidas & Raza Jaffrey
  11. "Chaiyya Chaiyya" (from Bombay Dreams)Sukhwinder Singh & Sapna Awasthi
  12. "Khalbali" (from Rang De Basanti)A.R.Rahman, Mohammed Aslam & Nacim
  13. "So Gaye Hain" (from Zubeidaa)Lata Mangeshkar
  14. "Warriors In Peace" (from Warriors of Heaven and Earth)Sadhana Sargam
  15. "Barso Re" (from Guru)Shreya Ghoshal

Disc 3[edit]

Disc 3, titled "Mozart from Madras!" exclusively contains various instrumental themes by AR Rahman.

  1. "Bombay Theme" (from Bombay) — Instrumental
  2. "Lagaan Once Upon A Time In India" (from Lagaan) — Instrumental
  3. "Bombay Dreams" (from Bombay Dreams) — Instrumental
  4. "Potter's Village" (from Meenaxi) — Instrumental
  5. "Rangeela Theme" (from Rangeela) — Instrumental
  6. "Cyclists Rhythm" (from Meenaxi) — Instrumental
  7. "Waltz For A Romance" (from Lagaan) — Instrumental
  8. "Missing (Vande Mataram)" (from Vande Mataram) — Instrumental

Disc 4[edit]

Disc 4 and 5 contains records from AR Rahman's live performances.

  1. "Introduction Speech And Instrumental Music" (from Rangeela) — Nehaflix
  2. "Chanda Re" (from Sapnay)Hariharan & Sadhana Sargam
  3. "Ek Bagiya Mein" (from Sapnay)Shankar Mahadevan, K. S. Chithra & Shreeni
  4. "Hai Rama Yeh Kya Hua" (from Rangeela)Hariharan & A. R. Rahman
  5. "Jiya Jale" (from Dil Se..)K. S. Chithra & A. R. Rahman
  6. "Bombay Theme Live" (from Bombay)K. S. Chithra & A. R. Rahman
  7. "Chaiyya Chaiyya" (from Dil Se..)Sukhwinder Singh & Sapna Awasthi

Disc 5[edit]

  1. "Tu Hi Re" (from Bombay)Hariharan & K. S. Chithra
  2. "Gurus of Peace" (from Vande Mataram)Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, A. R. Rahman
  3. "Roja Jaaneman" (from Roja)Hariharan & K. S. Chithra
  4. "Rangeela Re" (from Rangeela)Asha Bhosle & Aditya Narayan
  5. "Ae Ajnabi" (from Dil Se..)Udit Narayan & Mahalaxmi Iyer
  6. "Telephone Dhun" (from Hindustani)Hariharan & Kavita Krishnamurthy
  7. "Maa Tujhe Salaam" (from Vande Mataram)A. R. Rahman

Disc 6 (DVD Bonus)[edit]

  1. "Rang De Basanti" (from Rang De Basanti)
  2. "Roobaroo" (from Rang De Basanti)
  3. "Vande Mataram" (from Vande Mataram)
  4. "A. R. Rahman Live At Guru Music Launch" (from Guru)
  5. "Tere Bina" (from Guru)
  6. "Barso Re" (from Guru)
  7. "Chinnamma Chilakkamma" (from Meenaxi)
  8. "Noor-Un-Allah" (from Meenaxi)


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