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A. R. Raja Raja Varma handwriting

A. R. Raja Raja Varma or A R. Rajaraja Varma (Malayalam: എ.ആർ. രാജരാജവർമ്മ) (1863–1918) was an Indian poet, grammatician and Professor of Oriental Languages at Maharaja's College(present University College), Trivandrum. Rajaraja Varma Koyi Thampuran was born in February 1863 at the Changanachery Lakshmipuram Palace to mother Kunjikkavu Thampuratti and father Vasudevan Namboodiri from the Pattial Illam. He wrote widely in Sanskrit and Malayalam. He is known as Kerala Panini for his contributions to Malayalam Literature.[1] A mixed effect of the influence of the study of British Romantic poets of the 19th century and a renewed interest in the real classics of Sanskrit literature can be seen in his poems. His essays are fine examples of excellent prose.His important works are Kerala Panineeyam, Bhashabhooshanam, and Vritha Manjari. Bhangavilaapam and Malayavilasam are his poems. Bhasha Megha Dootu, Bhasha Kumara Sambhavam, Malayala Sakuntalam, Malavikagnimitram, and Charudattam are among his translations.[2] Varma was the moving spirit behind the great literary renaissance in Kerala in the Golden Age of Malaylam literature. Says Ulloor of A.R. Rajaraja Varma, "While others embellished the walls of the mansion of Malayalam literature with their paintings and drawings, A.R. worked both on its foundation and dome and made it a long enduring and imposing structure for the benefit of the people of Kerala. His fame rests on this architectural accomplishment and is bound to last for ever".[3]

Major works[edit]

On grammar and rhetoric[edit]

His important works are Kerala Panineeyam, Bhashabhooshanam, Vritha Manjari and Sahitya Sahyam, the last of which introduced English-style punctuation to Malayalam.[4]


  • Bhangavilaapam
  • Malayavilasam


  • Bhasha Megha Dootu
  • Bhasha Kumara Sambhavam
  • Malayala Sakuntalam
  • Malavikagnimitram
  • Charudattam


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