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A0, A-0, A0, or a0 may refer to:

Airplanes and rockets[edit]

  • A-0, a 1943 Pre-production model of the German Walter HWK 509 liquid-fuel bipropellant rocket engine
  • A-0, a 1938 variant of the German Siebel Si 204 transport and trainer aircraft
  • He 177 A-0, a pre-production series of the 1942 German Heinkel He 177 heavy bomber
  • Hs 126A-0, a variant of the 1937 German Henschel Hs 126 reconnaissance aircraft
  • Ju 87 A-0, a variant of the 1936 German Junkers Ju 87 dive bomber aircraft
  • Me 210A-0, a pre-production variant of the 1943 German Messerschmitt Me 210 heavy fighter aircraft


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