Nairobi–Mombasa Road

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A109 Road
Nairobi–Mombasa Road
The A109 (Nairobi–Mombasa Road) in Kenya
Route information
Length482 km (300 mi)
Major junctions
Northwest endNairobi
Southeast endMombasa
CountiesNairobi County, Machakos County, Kajiado County, Makueni County, Taita-Taveta County, Kwale County, Mombasa County
Major citiesNairobi, Athi River, Kibwezi, Voi, Samburu, Mombasa
Highway system
Roads in Kenya

The Nairobi–Mombasa Road, also Mombasa–Nairobi Road or A109 Road (Kenya) is the main road between Nairobi, Kenya's capital and largest city and Mombasa, the country's largest port city. The road is a component of the Northern Corridor.[1]


The road starts in the city of Nairobi, at the confluence of Langata Road, Uhuru Highway and Lusaka Road, immediately west of DHL House.[2] It continues in a general southeasterly direction, through seven Kenya Counties to end in the city of Mombasa at the confluence of Digo Road, Langoni Road and Abdel Nasser Road,[3] a total distance of about 482 kilometres (300 mi).[4] The coordinates of this road south of the town of Athi River, Machakos County are: 01°30'15.0"S, 37°05'20.0"E (Latitude:-1.504167; Longitude:37.088889).[5]


This road, together with its sister road, Nairobi–Malaba Road, is part of the Great North Road, that links the Kenyan coast to the land-locked countries of Burundi, Eastern DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan. The road moves more than 50 percent of all goods traded in the East African Community.[6] Due to the volume of traffic, and the concentration of heavy-duty transport vehicles, the route is accident-prone, accounting for a large number of injuries and fatalities in the region. In 2013 alone, 3,179 people lost their lives in traffic accidents on the combined Mombasa–Malaba Road.[7]

The government of Kenya has plans to expand the road to dual carriage, with a total of six lanes outside Mombasa Island, increasing the number of lanes to twelve, on the island itself. It is expected that solicitation of bids from funders and contractors will be announced before the end of calendar 2016. When completed, the road will become Nairobi–Mombasa Expressway[6]


The following towns, listed from west towards the east, are located along the highway:[8]


The following major intersections lie along the Nairobi–Mombasa Road, listed from the west towards the east:[8]

  1. The NairobiMalaba Road, also referred to as the NairobiUganda Road
  2. The NairobiNamanga Road, part of the NairobiArusha Road
  3. The VoiTaveta Road
  4. The Mariakani–Kaloleni–Mavueni Road
  5. The Dongo Kundu Bypass Highway
  6. The Mombasa–Garissa Road
  7. The Malindi–Bagamoyo Highway.

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Coordinates: 01°30′15″S 37°05′20″E / 1.50417°S 37.08889°E / -1.50417; 37.08889