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A10 Networks, Inc.
Russell 2000 Component
IndustryComputer networking
Key people
Lee Chen, Founder and CEO
Raj Kumar Jalan, CTO
Number of employees
800 (2015)

A10 Networks is a U.S. public company specializing in the manufacturing of application delivery controllers (software and hardware). Founded in 2004 by Lee Chen,[1] co-founder of Foundry Networks, A10 originally serviced just the identity management market with its line of ID Series products.[2] In early 2007 they added bandwidth management appliances (EX Series). The company had its initial public offering on March 21, 2014, raising $187.5 million.[3]


In mid-2007, A10 Networks launched its AX Series of application delivery controllers/load balancing appliances.

On May 21, 2013, A10 resolved its question of responsibility for intellectual property infringement and unfair competition practices by reaching a settlement with Brocade Communications Systems.[4] Brocade had earlier been awarded $112 million in 2012.[5]

In May 2013 A10 launched its A10 Thunder Series platforms of hardware and software application delivery controllers (ADCs).[6]

In 2016, A10 acquired the cloud-native ADC company Appcito.[7]


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