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A10 motorway
Rijksweg 10
Location of the A10 motorway
Major junctions
Orbital around Amsterdam
Provinces: North Holland
Highway system
The A10 near exit s116.

The A10 motorway (Dutch: Rijksweg 10) is a motorway in the Netherlands. This motorway is the ring road around the city of Amsterdam. It has a length of 32 km. Five other motorways connect to the A10: motorway A8 at interchange Coenplein (north), motorway A5 at interchange Coenplein (south), A4 at interchange De Nieuwe Meer, A2 at interchange Amstel, and A1 at interchange Watergraafsmeer. Part of the A10 is the Coentunnel, crossing the Noordzeekanaal ("North Sea Canal"). This twin tube tunnel is notorious for traffic jams for decades, reason why another two tubes have been built. These new tubes opened on 13 May 2013 and the old tubes were closed for extensive renovation. On 21 July 2014 the old tubes were reopened after completing the renovations and all four tubes became be available for traffic.[1]

The city of Amsterdam has a network of numbered stadsroutes (city routes). These routes are indicated with an "s" prefix followed by a three digit number starting at 100. Since these s-routes are connected to the A10 motorway and each s-route only crosses the motorway once, these numbers can be considered as the first exit numbers on Dutch motorways. Recently, regular exit numbering has been implemented based on the numbers of the s-routes. For example, the junction leading towards the s106 used to be exit number s106 and is now numbered as exit 6.[2]


Construction started in 1962 and the first part was completed four years later. The Coentunnel was opened on 21 June 1966. The western part of the A10 (the Einsteinweg) was finished on 2 April 1975 and the southern part on 7 July 1981. The eastern and northern part were finished in 1990, with the completion of another tunnel under the IJ, the Zeeburgertunnel.

Speed limit[edit]

The western part of the A10, between interchange De Nieuwe Meer and exit 2 the speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph). The rest of the A10 is 100 km/h (62 mph). During rush hour the speed on the southern part can be reduced to 80 km/h.

Exit list[edit]

The entire route is in North Holland Province.

Municipality km mi Exit Destinations Notes
Amsterdam 32–
E 22 / E 35 / A8 North end of E22 overlap; west end of E35 overlap
28 17 A5 Southbound entrance and northbound exit only
28 17 1 N203 / S101
27 17 2 S102
26 16 3 S103 Northbound exit and southbound entrance only
25 16 4 S104 Southbound exit and northbound entrance only
24 15 5 S105
23 14 6 S106
22 14 7 S107
21 13 E 19 / E 22 / A4 South end of E22 overlap; west end of E19 overlap
20 12 8 S108
18 11 9 S109
16 9.9 10 E 19 / E 35 / A2 / S110 East end of E19 overlap; south end of E35 overlap
15 9.3 11 S111
Ouder-Amstel 14 8.7 12 S112
Diemen 13 8.1 13 S113
Amsterdam 12 7.5 A1
10 6.2 14 S114
7 4.3 15 S115
4 2.5 16 N247 / S116
2 1.2 17 S117
1 0.62 18 S118
E 22 / E 35 / A8 West end of E35 overlap; north end of E22 overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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