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A110 shield

The A110 road running through Enfield.
Major junctions
East end: Woodford
  A11 A11 road
A104 A104 road
A1069 A1069 road
A112 A112 road
A1055 A1055 road
A1010 A1010 road
A10 A10 road
A105 A105 road
A1005 A1005 road
A111 A111 road
A1000 A1000 road
West end: Barnet
Road network

The A110 is an A road in London, England. It runs from Woodford to Barnet, close to Underhill Stadium.



The A110 starts at the junction with the A11 at Woodford Green. Only a short section of it is in this borough, and the road here is called Whitehall Road.

Waltham Forest[edit]

In Waltham Forest, the A110 is called Whitehall Road and King's Road before going through Chingford. It is then called King's Head Hill and then Lea Valley Road, running between the King George's Reservoir and the William Girling Reservoir, and crossing the River Lea. The road then enters Enfield.


In Enfield, the A110 is called Lea Valley Road and Nag's Head Road at Ponders End. The remainder of the road towards Enfield town centre is called Southbury Road. The road serves Enfield town centre. Until the late 1980s, the road went along Alma Road and past Ponders End railway station; following the completion of the current A1055 road alongside the River Lea, the A110 was diverted to the north of the station. The original course is now called Wharf Road.

Further on, the A110 is called Windmill Hill before the junction with the A1005 at a roundabout, and then Slades Hill, Enfield Road and Bramley Road. After crossing the A111 road at a roundabout, the road becomes Cat Hill before leaving Enfield.


The final section of the A110 is in Barnet. The road is called Cat Hill and Brookhill Road in East Barnet, and then East Barnet Road and Station Road until it meets the A1000 road east of Barnet town centre.

Landmarks on the route[edit]


Coordinates: 51°39′08″N 0°04′28″W / 51.65222°N 0.07439°W / 51.65222; -0.07439