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The door of Room A113 c. 2005

A113 (sometimes A-113, A-1-13, A1-13 or A11-3) is an inside joke and Easter egg in media created by alumni of California Institute of the Arts, referring to the classroom used by graphic design and character animation students including John Lasseter, Tim Burton, Michael Peraza, and Brad Bird. Bird first used it for a license plate number in the "Family Dog" episode of Amazing Stories. It has appeared in other Disney movies and almost every Pixar movie.

Bird said, "I put it into every single one of my films, including my Simpsons episodes—it's sort of my version of caricaturist Al Hirschfeld's 'Nina'."[1]

Classroom A113 is currently the first-year graphic design studio.

A113 appearances[edit]

Television animation[edit]

Other TV series[edit]

Pixar movies[edit]

  • Toy Story series:
  • A Bug's Life – Code on cereal box as Flik enters the bug city.
  • Monsters, Inc.: Notably, Monsters, Inc. is the only Pixar film to not include the Easter egg. However, a few things come close; for instance, the clock above scarefloor A reads 2:26 — 113×2, 113 appears briefly on Mike's scare floor meter, on TV, the news anchor and his assistant somewhat represent A113, with the former representing A and the latter representing 1, and 13 on multiple squares in the background, the stars in the sky above the trailer where Randall was banished into somewhat form A113, and "A13" can be seen on one of the pillars in the door vault.
  • Finding Nemo: The model number of the underwater camera used by the scuba diver.[13]
    • Finding Dory: The license plate for the cargo truck that is taking the animals to Cleveland has the license plate "CALA113". Also, the tags of the two sea lions, Fluke and Rudder, are labeled "A1" and "13" respectively.
  • The Incredibles: The trap conference room number in Syndrome's lair (not seen but mentioned by Mirage).[14][15] The prison level and cell where Mr. Incredible is held is "Level A1" in Cell #13 (A1 & 13). The power level control room monitors "Level A1", section "13", which is where the rocket is located. The office number of superhero costume designer Edna Mode. (The building she is in is the entranceway to CalArts.)
    • Incredibles 2: At the end of the film, the Parrs are about to drop Violet and Tony off at a movie. On the marquee, the film is called Dementia 113, but one side makes it appear to read Dementi A113, which is a reference to Francis Ford Coppola's directorial debut Dementia 13. Also, the room where Elastigirl checks The Screenslaver footage at DevTech is room A113. The model number for the out-of-control hovertrain includes A113. The International Superhero Accord document number is ISHA CA-A113. The number spray painted on a dumpster is BUNI-A113.
  • Cars franchise:
    • Cars: It is the number on Trev Diesel, the freight train that Lightning McQueen outruns before he first arrives at the town of Radiator Springs. Trev Diesel was also made as a carrying case for the die-cast line and has A113 on it.[16]
    • Mater and the Ghostlight and Cars Toons: It is Mater's license plate number. Minor character Dexter Hoover's diecast version has license plate number "A113CA". And the beginning of the image file name for the leader of the lemon cars.
    • Cars 2: It is the number on Siddeley's tail (shown as A113), as well as on Mater's license plate again.
    • Cars 3: The number is used as a room number placed on the sliding door of Sterling's office.[17]
  • Ratatouille – Git, the lab rat, has a tag on his left ear that reads "A113". Also, when Linguini is asleep in front of the TV, A113 appears on a train behind the love couple.[18]
  • WALL-E – The code for the directive given to AUTO to never return to Earth, the first (and currently, only) time A113 had any real significance to a Pixar film's plot. It also seems to spell out part of WALL-E's name, WA11-3 (partial Leet).[19][20] Also, when EVE and WALL-E arrive on the Axiom, as they leave the docking bay, the doors are marked Deck A-224 — 1 added to each digit of the reference.[21]
  • Up – The number of the courtroom that Carl goes to after he accidentally hits a construction worker to protect his mailbox.[22]
  • Brave – Written in Roman numerals (ACXIII) above the interior of the witch's cottage door.[23]
  • Inside Out – When Riley heads to her new school in San Francisco, she is put in room A113.[24] Later, when Riley is heading towards the bus, she stops to see who is calling her. A building in the background has "a113" written in graffiti.
  • The Good Dinosaur – When the bird chases Arlo out of his feeding area, "A113" is formed by sticks along the fence in the right side of the frame.
  • Coco – The number appears on the Bureau of Family Grievances door and on the cover of one of Ernesto de la Cruz's albums.
  • Onward – The number is spoken in this instance; the police radio can be heard stating "We got a-one-one-three progress".
  • Soul – The number is spotted on a street sign in the Hall of Everything. A character presses the A2 key (normally 110 Hz) on a detuned piano, which makes it 113 Hz.
  • Luca – It appears as the number on the train ticket Alberto gives to Luca.

Other films[edit]

  • Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes (1991) – In the Key Witness scene, one of the videos the Witness shows is "Satellite View A-113".
  • The Truman Show (1998) – On a numbered plate displayed below one of the monitors showing camera feeds from inside Truman's dome.
  • The Iron Giant (1999) – License plate on car partially eaten by the Giant; the 3 is bitten off. Also in Dean's house there is a painting which has A113 on it.[8]
  • Terminator Salvation (2009) – Seen on the computer screen (as a login override code) during the assault on a Skynet base. Timeframe – 00:09:32
  • Planet 51 (2009) – License plate on Lem's car is A113.
  • Alpha and Omega (2010) – On the back of Garn and Debbie's truck, seen when Humphrey is talking to Marcel and Paddy.
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) – A113 can be seen at one point.
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) – Hanaway's weaponized "class ring" has A113 emblazoned on the side. It is Ethan Hunt's extraction access code given over the phone and is on the plate of a car in front of the Kremlin during the big explosion,[29] time at which the bomb's deactivation button is pushed "1.13 seconds".
  • The Colony (2013) – Inside the storage area, a box has A113 as its registration number.
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) – At the bottom right corner of the monitor when President Coriolanus Snow is watching Katniss Everdeen decide whether to kill someone in the arena.[8]
  • Neighbors (2014) – When Mac and Teddy fight, it is visible on the transmission box.
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) – The virus that wipes out most of humanity is called ALZ-113.
  • The Book of Life (2014) – At the beginning of the film, one of the school buses is numbered A113.
  • Sausage Party (2016) – License plate on the back of Druggie's car along with the sticker "DIXAR".
  • Klaus (2019) – A113 can be seen on the trunk of Jesper's carriage.
  • The Call of the Wild (2020) – A113 can be seen on a bulletin board in the village.
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) – A113 is the ship registry number of Marvin the Martian's spaceship, later stolen by Bugs Bunny to use as a vehicle for the Tune Squad basketball team.

Video games[edit]

  • In Back to the Future: The Game, it is a convention booth.
  • In Beyond: Two Souls, it is the number of a room in the building Jodie grows up in.
  • In Destiny, it is the name of an unknown area on the Dead Orbit Ghost fragment Grimoire card.[30]
  • In Fallout 4, it can be seen on one of the gas station signs in the gameplay demo and in the Brotherhood of Steel Cambridge computer logs.[31]
  • In Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure, it is on a license plate in the 'Day Care' part of the game.
  • In Kingdom Hearts III, A113 can be seen as the number of the license plate of Andy's Mom's Mini Van, a street name sign in the Toy Story world "Toy Box", and a post-it note behind the counter in the Toy Store, as well as being seen above a shutter door in the Monsters, Inc. world "Monstropolis".
  • In ‘’The Henry Stickmin Collection’’, A113 can be seen during the final game ‘’Completing the Mission’’. In the last segment of the Toppat4Life pathway, the Chaos Containment Center's mobile unit is named A113.
  • In Lego The Incredibles, it can be seen on numerous buildings fronts both in Municiberg and New Urbem, as well as on the side of the ship where the Anchor-Man is hiding.[32]
  • In Mortal Kombat 11, one of the customization options for the character Frost is a Frozen Core called Axiom A113. (This is likely a reference to the film WALL-E referenced previously: Axiom is the name of the vessel housing Earth's human population in the film; "A113" was the code for the order sent to the ship's autopilot not to return to Earth.)
  • In Outlast, it is the name of a locked room in the earliest stage of the game.
  • In Prototype, the poison Bloodtox is officially written as Substance A-113A though pronounced A1-13 Variation A.
  • In Supertuxkart, A1-13 can be seen written on the entrance door of Oliver's math class one of the race track.
  • In Sunset Overdrive, it is seen while Walter is working on his glider during a cutscene. The easter egg is once again encountered in the game's DLC, where it can be seen on the new glider in the end of the introduction mission cutscene.
  • In A Vampyre Story, it is the position of Mona's grave.
  • In War Thunder, it was included as a decal with certain event vehicles.[33]

Web series[edit]

  • In Annoying Orange, Orange has a sticker labeled A113 on the back of him in HOW2: How to Register to Vote!
  • In Hazbin Hotel, two eggs are labeled #A1 and #13. It can be seen while Sir Pentious is being buried by them.
  • In Tom Scott's How Binary Search Makes Computers Much, Much Faster, Animator William Marler uses the number to label a Box.

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