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A1300 shield

Major junctions
East end: Simonside
  A194 A194 road
A1018 A1018 road
A183 A183 road
West end: Marsden
Road network

The A1300 is the main 'cross town' route in South Shields, Tyne and Wear. The road runs from Simonside to Marsden via Harton Nook.


The A1300 begins as the John Reid Road at the junction with the A194. The road proceeds as Dual carriageway through Simonside, Brockley Whins, Biddick Hall and West Harton before passing South Tyneside District Hospital and Temple Park. The road then meets King George Road (A1018) and continues as Single carriageway as Prince Edward Road, passing Harton Nook, Cleadon Park and Marsden Estate. The road then becomes Redwell Lane and meets the Coast Road (A183) on the coast at Marsden.

Coordinates: 54°58′10″N 1°25′35″W / 54.96956°N 1.42627°W / 54.96956; -1.42627