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A182 road
Road network

The A182 begins on the A194(M) motorway between Gateshead and Washington, England. Though it is a non-primary route it takes the form of a fast grade-separated dual carriageway passing through the New town of Washington from the A194, before meeting at a roundabout with the A183 in Shiney Row. During this dual carriage way section, the several interchanges take the form of slip roads - apart from the unique design at Mount Pleasant, the new roundabout designed to slow traffic at Biddick Woods and Shiney Row.

The small section between Washington Town Centre and Mount Pleasant has seen numerous accidents owing to the high number of slip roads with short run ups and a sharp bend prior to the Mount Pleasant interchange. Perhaps the most notable incident was in the early 1990s when a young girl was killed when the car she was passenger in was involved in a crash with an unknown car which left the scene. Despite a high profile police involvement, no charges were ever made.

Now single-carriageway, the A182 continues south through Philadelphia and Newbottle to Houghton-le-Spring where it meets the A690 at an unusual linked double roundabout interchange. The A690 road, which has the grade separation here, passes above the northern roundabout and below the southern roundabout. The road then passes through Hetton-le-Hole, Easington Lane and South Hetton to end at an interchange with the A19, just west of Easington Village.

Just after leaving Newbottle village, the road dips and then rises as it passes Quarry View Service Station.

In the 1990s a new road was built, also numbered A182, linking the A19 to new industrial areas to the south of Seaham – this road is not a continuation of the original A182 despite sharing its number.

Coordinates: 54°51′19″N 1°28′35″W / 54.85516°N 1.47644°W / 54.85516; -1.47644