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A189 shield

Major junctions
North end: A1068, Near Linton Colliery, Northumberland
  A1068 A1068 road
A197 A197 road
A193 A193 road
A192 A192 road
A1061 A1061 road
A19 A19 road
A1056 A1056 road
A188 A188 road
A191 A191 road
A167 A167 road
A186 A186 road
South end: A6082 Redheugh Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne
Road network

The A189 is a road in North East England, linking Gateshead to southeast Northumberland. The section within southeast Northumberland is also known as the Spine Road; and West-Central Route is used to describe its route around Newcastle City Centre. The A189 crosses the River Tyne by means of the Redheugh Bridge, one of several bridges across the Tyne in the centre of the Tyneside conurbation. North of its junction with the A19 it is a dual carriageway with grade-separated junctions.

Coordinates: 55°05′01″N 1°34′02″W / 55.08348°N 1.56727°W / 55.08348; -1.56727