First Division Women's Volleyball League (Portugal)

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The Portuguese Women's Volleyball First Division is the top women's volleyball league in Portugal, which is also called (Portuguese: Campeonato Nacional de Voleibol – 1ª Divisão).

The competition was called Honor Division (Divisão de Honra) in 1983–84, 1986–88. Between 1997 and 2011 the League was divided in two series, A1 and A2. Since 2014-15 season, the competition's champions is called Elite Champion, while the First Division Champion title (a secondary one) is disputed between the 4 loosers of the Play-off first round.

The competition is organized by the Federação Portuguesa de Voleibol.

Portuguese champions[edit]


Portuguese League Champions – A1[edit]

Year Final
Champion Score Runner-up
1997–1998 Castêlo da Maia GC
1998–1999 Castêlo da Maia GC
1999–2000 Castêlo da Maia GC
2000–2001 Castêlo da Maia GC 3–2 Boavista F.C.
2001–2002 Castêlo da Maia GC
2002–2003 Castêlo da Maia GC 3–0 CS Madeira
2003–2004 CS Madeira 3–0 Boavista F.C.
2004–2005 CA Trofa 3–0 CS Madeira
2005–2006 CS Madeira 3-1 CA Trofa
2006–2007 CA Trofa 3-0 CD Ribeirense
2007–2008 CA Trofa 3-0 CD Ribeirense
2008–2009 CA Trofa 3-0 CD Ribeirense
2009–2010 CA Trofa 3-1 CD Ribeirense
2010–2011 CD Ribeirense 2-0 CA Trofa

Portuguese First Division Champions[edit]

Year Final
Champion Score Runner-up
2011–2012 CD Ribeirense 2-1 GDC Gueifães
2012–2013 CD Ribeirense 2-0 Leixões SC
2013–2014 Colégio Nª Sª Rosário 3-1 CD Ribeirense
Year Final
Elite Champion Score Runner-up First Division Champion
2014–2015 Porto Vólei 2014 3–2 Leixões SC CF Belenenses
2015–2016 Atlético VC 3–0 Porto Vólei 2014 Leixões SC