A1 motorway (Netherlands)

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A1 motorway
Rijksweg 1
Location of the A1 motorway
Route information
Part of E30 / E231
Maintained by Rijkswaterstaat[1]
Length119 km[2] (74 mi)
Major junctions
West end A 10 in Amsterdam
Major intersections
East end A 30 near Losser at the border with  Germany
CountryKingdom of the Netherlands
Constituent countryNetherlands
ProvincesNorth Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel
Highway system

The A1 is a motorway in the Netherlands. The road connects the capital city of Amsterdam, near the interchange of Watergraafsmeer, with the German border, near Oldenzaal and Bad Bentheim, and the German Autobahn BAB 30. On its way, it crosses four provinces: North Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Overijssel.

European routes[edit]

Ecoduct Harm van de Veen

The section of the road between its start at the interchange Watergraafsmeer, and the interchange of Hoevelaken near Amersfoort, is also a European route: the E231. This section of the A1 is the complete E231 route; the E231 does not consist of any other road or section.

Between the interchange Hoevelaken and the German border (and beyond, along the BAB 30), the European route E30 follows the A1 motorway. This European route is a so-called A-Class West-East European route, going from Cork in Ireland all the way to Omsk in Russia.

Exit list[edit]

NetherlandsNorth HollandAmsterdam - Diemen
municipality line
E35 / E231 east / A 10West end of E 231 overlap
Diemen1Landlust / DiemerpolderwegWestbound entrance and eastbound exit only
2 S 114 southeast / Weteringweg
A 9 south
Muiden3Maxisweg / Mariahoeveweg / Weesperweg
A 6 northeast
Naarden5Rijksweg / ChurchillstraatWestbound entrance and eastbound exit only
Huizen - Laren - Hilversum
municipality line
8 N 527 north / Amersfoortsestraatweg / Rijksstraatweg
Laren9 N 525 southwest / Hilversumseweg
North Holland - Utrecht
province Line
Laren - Eemnes - Baarn
municipality line
10 A 27 / N 221 southeast / Heidelaan / Rijksweg / Wakkerendijk / Zandheuvelweg
UtrechtBaarn11 N 414
Bunschoten - Amersfoort
municipality line
12 N 199
Amersfoort13Bergpas / Rondweg Oost
E231 / E232 / A 28East end of E 231 overlap; west end of E 30 overlap
14Amersfoortsestraat / Westerdorpsstraat / NijkerkerstraatEastbound exit accessible only from A28 northbound
GelderlandBarneveld15 A 30 / N 301
16 N 303 / N 805
17 N 310
Apeldoorn18 N 302
19 N 304
A 50
21 N 345
Voorst22 N 791
OverijsselDeventer23 N 348
24 N 348
25Marsdijk / Baarhorsterdijk
Rijssen-Holten26 N 332
27 N 350 / N 755
Wierden28 N 347
Borne A 35West end of A35 overlap
A 35East end of A35 overlap
Hengelo30Rondweg / Bornestraat
31Oldenzaalsestraat / Hasselerbaan
Oldenzaal32Provinciale rondweg
33 N 733
Losser34 N 735
Netherlands - Germany
country line
Overijssel - North Rine-Westphalia
province line
Losser - Gronau
municipality line
E30 / A 30East end of E 30 overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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