A1 motorway (Portugal)

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A1 marker
Portuguese: Auto-estrada do Norte
Route information
Part of E 01 E 80
Length303 km (188 mi)
Major junctions
South endLisbon
North endPorto
Highway system
Roads in Portugal

The A 1Autoestrada do Norte—is the biggest and the most important highway in Portugal. It connects the two largest cities in Portugal, Lisbon and Porto, also passing by some district capitals and industrial zones. Being the most important connection between two major cities, it was designed to be parallel to other roads, like the EN1.

303 km long, the highway starts in Lisbon, in the interchange between the CRIL and the Vasco da Gama Bridge. Then the road goes along some cities near Lisbon, mainly Alverca do Ribatejo and Alenquer. Near Torres Novas it connects with the A23, a road that connects the A1 with Castelo Branco and Vilar Formoso, by the A25, near the border with Spain. This interchange marks the end of the 3x3 profile that started in Lisbon, to start a profile of 2 lanes.

The highway is owned by Brisa. A trip between Lisbon and Porto using the A1 costs €22.20.


Lisbon - Porto[edit]

Number of the exit Km Destinations Exit road
1 0 Algés / Odivelas

Setúbal / Montijo

A 12 

IC 17

5 São João da Talha N 10
1A 8 Póvoa de Santa Iria / Vialonga

Sacavém / Moscavide

N 115-5

IC 2

2 14 Alverca do Ribatejo / Vialonga N 10
Peaje.png 14 Praça de Portagem de Alverca


2 14 Cascais / Loures A 9 
2A 20 Vila Franca de Xira (sul) / Alhandra N 10
3 25 Vila Franca de Xira (norte) / Porto Alto N 1 [pt]
3A 29 Plataforma Logística de Lisboa Norte N 1 [pt]
4 30 Carregado / Alenquer

Arruda dos Vinhos

Benavente / ALGARVE

N 3

A 10 

5 47 Aveiras / Alcoentre / Azambuja N 366
5A 57 Cartaxo N 114-2
6 65 Santarém ( A 13  ) N 114
6A 67 Caldas da Rainha / Rio Maior A 15 
7 94 Torres Novas / Abrantes

Castelo Branco / Tomar

A 23 
8 114 Fátima


N 356

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