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A20, A 20, A.20 or A-20 may refer to:


  • A-20 Havoc, a U.S.-designed attack aircraft used in World War II
  • A20 heavy tank, a British tank which did not enter production but of which a downsized version became the A22 Churchill tank
  • A-20 tank, one of the prototypes of Soviet T-34 tank
  • Aero A.20, a Czech fighter plane
  • Arrows A20, a race car
  • Fiat A.20, an engine powering the 1925 Italian Ansaldo A.120 aircraft
  • Focke-Wulf A 20, a 1927 German airliner
  • Junkers A 20, a predecessor of the Junkers A 35 aircraft

Other uses[edit]