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A210 shield

Major junctions
North West endEltham
 A2 A2 road
A20 A20 road
A205 A205 road
A208 A208 road
A221 A221 road
A2213 A2213 road
South East endBexley
Road network

The A210 road is a road in South East London. It forms Eltham High Street for part of its length. The road starts at the junction of the A20 and the A2213 and runs past the Well Hall roundabout where it passes the A205 South Circular, then becomes Eltham Hill, then Eltham High Street, and continues on until it meets the A2 at the Danson Interchange.

Coordinates: 51°27′07″N 0°04′26″E / 51.4519°N 0.0738°E / 51.4519; 0.0738