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A271 shield

Major junctions
East end: Battle
  A2100 A2100 road
A269 A269 road
A295 A295 road
A22 A22 road
West end: Lower Horsebridge (near Hailsham)
Road network

The A271 road is a main road through East Sussex, England. It runs East-West from the A2100 in Battle to the A22 and A267 at Horsebridge near Hailsham.

The road starts at a roundabout in Battle. It continues through the suburbs into some wooded countryside and later on the road comes to a junction with the A269. The bendy road continues through Boreham Street and Windmill Hill. It then enters Herstmonceux, coming out of the village down a hill it then comes up to Magham Down. The road then enters Hailsham meeting the A295 and the B2104 and then goes into Lower Horsebridge meeting the A22.