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A2 Motorway shield}}

A2 Motorway
Avtocesta A2
The Medvedjek Slope on the eastern part of the A2 (Lower Carniola)
Route information
Part of E61 E70
Length174.5 km (108.4 mi)
Major junctions
FromTabliczka A 11.svg A11 in Austria
 Avtocesta A1.svg A1 near Ljubljana
Hitra cesta 3.svg H3 near Ljubljana
ToMotorway-A3-Hex-Green.svg A3 in Croatia
Major citiesJesenice, Kranj, Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, Brežice
Highway system

The A2 motorway (Slovene: avtocesta A2, Ilirika) is a motorway in Slovenia, around 180 km long, connecting the Karawanks Tunnel (at the Austrian border) via the capital city Ljubljana to Obrežje (at the Croatian border, near Zagreb). It connects several major Slovene cities, including Kranj, Ljubljana, and Novo Mesto, and is part of Pan-European Corridor X.

The route of the motorway largely follows the path of the Brotherhood and Unity Highway, which was a two-lane non-divided road constructed as the main traffic artery within Yugoslavia. With the construction of the divided motorway, most of the previous road was demolished. A notable exception can be seen on the southern A2 segment between Grosuplje and Višnja Gora, where the previous road was grandfathered into the motorway system; it lacks a hard shoulder and has sharp turns and an exit ramp with a 10% grade. The northern segment between Višnja Gora and Grosuplje follows a completely different path, with three traffic lanes and a relatively lower grade.

Junctions, exits and rest area[edit]

Karawanks Tunnel – Obrežje (174,5 km)
A11-AT.svg Karawanken Autobahn E61-AT.svg → from Villach, Austria Austria
Border control 0,0 km Karawanks Tunnel 7864 m (SLO–A) border crossing
Toll Karawanks Tunnel toll plaza
Exit (1) 5 km Jesenice west Regionalna cesta 201.svg
Petrol station Rest area x km Počivališče Jesenice Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg Petrol / Petrol
Exit (2) 12 km Jesenice east Regionalna cesta 634.svg
Rest area x km Počivališče Lipce Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg
Viaduct Moste Viaduct Bridge - 442 m
Galeria Moste Galeria Tunnel - 184 m
Exit (3) 20 km Vrba, Lesce 209
Exit (4) 24 km Radovljica 452 OMV / OMW
Petrol station Rest area Počivališče Radovljica Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg
Viaduct Zgoša Viaduct Bridge - 189 / 165 m
Viaduct Dobruša Viaduct Bridge - 351 m
Exit (5) 28 km Brezje Regionalna cesta 411.svg
Viaduct Peračica Viaduct Bridge - 378 / 367 m
Tunnel Ljubno Tunnel Tunnel - 260 / 261 m
Viaduct Ljubno Viaduct Bridge - 118 / 320 m
Viaduct Lesnica Viaduct Bridge - 186 / 191 m
Exit (6) 32 km Podtabor Glavna cesta 101.svg Tabliczka E652.svg
Viaduct Tržič Bistrica Viaduct Bridge - 421 / 426 m
Exit (7) 33 km? Naklo Regionalna cesta 411.svg
Exit (8) 39 km Kranj west
Viaduct Rupovščica Viaduct Bridge - 421 / 426 m
Exit (9) 45 km Kranj east Glavna cesta 104.svg
Petrol station Rest area x km Počivališče Voklo Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg Petrol / Petrol
Exit (10) 49 km Sp. Brnik Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport
Toll Torovo toll plaza
Exit (11) 55 km Vodice Regionalna cesta 413.svg
Rest area x km Počivališče Povodje Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg
Exit (12) 61 km Ljubljana-Šmartno Regionalna cesta 413.svg
Exit (13) 64 km Ljubljana-Brod 639
Covered Cut Šentvid covered cut Tunnel - 414 m
Exit (14) 65 km Ljubljana-Šentvid Glavna cesta 8.svg
Tunnel Šentvid Tunnel Tunnel - 1072 / 1047 m
Exit (15) 68 km Ljubljana-Podutik Pfeil oben.svg
Interchange (15B) Koseze Hitra cesta 3.svg Ljubljana bypass
Exit (16) 69 km Ljubljana-Brdo
Interchange (36) A1 (150) Kozarje interchange Avtocesta A1.svg A1 Tabliczka E61.svg Tabliczka E70.svg turns toward -> Koper
Exit (35) A1 (149) Ljubljana west Regionalna cesta 409.svg
Petrol station Rest area Počivališče Barje Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg Petrol / Petrol
Exit (34) A1 (147) Ljubljana-centrum
Exit (33) A1 (144) Ljubljana-Rudnik
Exit (32) A1 (142) Ljubljana south Glavna cesta 109.svg
Interchange (31) A1 (142) Malence interchange Avtocesta A1.svg Ljubljana bypass
A1 Tabliczka E57.svg turns toward -> Maribor
Tunnel Debeli hrib Tunnel Tunnel - 341 / 378 m
Viaduct Reber Viaduct Bridge - 608 / 582 m
Tunnel Mali vrh Tunnel Tunnel - 414 / 399 m
Exit (17) 78 km Šmarje–Sap Pfeil oben.svg Glavna cesta 106.svg
Exit (18) 82 km Cikava
Exit (19) 85 km Grosuplje
Exit (20) 91 km Višnja Gora
Petrol station Rest area Počivališče Podsmreka Pfeil unten.svg Petrol
Viaduct Ivančna Gorica Viaduct Bridge - 214 m
Exit (21) 98 km Ivančna Gorica Regionalna cesta 216.svg
Toll Dob toll plaza
Exit (22) 105 km Bič Regionalna cesta 416.svg
Covered Cut Medvedjek I covered cut Tunnel - 92 m
Covered Cut Medvedjek II covered cut Tunnel - 159 m
Covered Cut Dolge Dole covered cut Tunnel - 64 m
Exit (23) 112 km Trebnje west Regionalna cesta 448.svg
Tunnel Leščevje Tunnel Tunnel - 386 / 363 m
Viaduct Ponikve Viaduct Bridge - 303 / 312 m
Exit (24) 119 km Trebnje east
Viaduct Dole Viaduct Bridge - 306 / 308 m
Exit (25) 123 km Mirna Peč
Covered Cut Dolenje covered cut Tunnel - 253 m
Exit (26) 128 km Novo Mesto west Regionalna cesta 651.svg
Regionalna cesta 448.svg
Exit (27) 132 km Novo Mesto east Glavna cesta 105.svg
Viaduct Mačkovec Viaduct Bridge - 165 / 163 m
Viaduct Jelše Viaduct Bridge - 345 / 340 m
Petrol station Rest area x km Počivališče Starine Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg Petrol / Petrol
Viaduct Dobovo Viaduct Bridge - 254 m
Exit (28) 139 km Kronovo
Viaduct Toplice Viaduct Bridge - 164 m
Exit (29) 145 km Dobruška Vas Regionalna cesta 418.svg
Exit (30) 152 km Smednik Regionalna cesta 672.svg
Petrol station Rest area x km Počivališče Zaloke Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg Petrol / Petrol
Toll Drnovo toll plaza
Exit (31) 158 km Smednik Glavna cesta 5.svg
Petrol station Rest area x km Počivališče Grič Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg Petrol
Exit (32) 170 km Brežice Regionalna cesta 219.svg
Covered Cut Čatež covered cut Tunnel - 105 m
Exit (33) 179 km Obrežje OMV / Petrol
Petrol station Rest area Počivališče Mokrice Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg
Border control 180 km Obrežje (SLO) – Bregana (HR) border crossing
Motorway-A3-Hex-Green.svg Autocesta A3 E70-HR.svg → to Zagreb, Croatia Croatia

Tunnels and covered cuts[edit]

From the northwest to the southeast, the A2 motorway features the following tunnels and covered cuts:

  • Karawanks Tunnel (Karavanški predor; 7,864 m or 25,801 ft, 8,019 m or 26,309 ft with portal)
  • Ljubno Tunnel (Predor Ljubno; right: 260 m or 850 ft, left: 261 m or 856 ft)
  • Šentvid Tunnel (Predor Šentvid; right: 1,072 m or 3,517 ft, left: 1,047 m or 3,435 ft)
  • Šentvid Junction (Priključek Šentvid; arm B: 291 m or 955 ft, arm C: 402 m or 1,319 ft)
  • Fat Hill (Debeli hrib; right: 341 m or 1,119 ft, left: 378 m or 1,240 ft)
  • Little Peak (Mali vrh; right: 414 m or 1,358 ft, left: 399 m or 1,309 ft)
  • Leščevje Tunnel (Predor Leščevje; right: 369 m or 1,211 ft, left: 363 m or 1,191 ft)

Covered cuts

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