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A31 autoroute shield

A31 autoroute
Autoroute de Lorraine-Bourgogne
Route information
Part of E 17 E 21 E 23 E 25 E 54 E 60
Maintained by Autoroute française
Length351 km (218 mi)
Major junctions
North endLuxembourg
South endBeaune
Highway system
Autoroutes of France

The A31 autoroute, also known as l'Autoroute de Lorraine-Bourgogne, is a French motorway. The road runs from the Franco-Luxembourg border to Beaune where it joins the A6. The northern part of the autoroute is free, as far as the town of Toul, but is a toll road south of there. The autoroute serves the cities of Metz, Nancy, and Dijon and is heavily used in the holiday season as it is a convenient route for those travelling from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany to the south of France.


  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svgExchange A31-A6 Junction with A6 to Paris and Lyon
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svgExchange A31-A36 Junction with A36 to Dole, Bresse.
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest area km 7: Corgoloin/Serrigny
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg01 km 14 (Nuits St Georges) Towns served: Nuits St Georges
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest area km 20: Boncourt/Flagey
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService area km 26: Gevrey-Chambertin
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg km 28 Exchange A31-A311 Junction with A311 spur to Dijon-Centre
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg km 38 (Fauverney) Junction with the A39 to Dijon and Dole.
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 44: Pré d'Azur/La Tille
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg04 km 47 (Dijon-nord) Towns served: Dijon.
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area: Dijon
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg05 km 70 (Til Châtel) Towns served: Til Châtel
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 75: La Villa des Tuillères/Ste Gertrude
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 88: Combe Suzon/Fontenelle
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg06 km 100: (Langres-sud) Towns served: Langres
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area km 103: Langres
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg km 114 Exchange A31-A5 Junction with A5 to Troyes, Paris and Calais via A26.
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg07 km 120 (Langres-nord) Towns served: Langres
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area: Val de Gris/Côte Robert
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 137: Val de Meuse/Montigny le Roi
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg08 km 140 (Montigny le Roi) Towns served: Val de Meuse, Montigny le Roi
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg08.1 km 162 (Robécourt) Towns served: Robécourt
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg09 km 176 (Bulgnéville) Towns served: Bulgnéville
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.png Service Area km 182: Lorraine
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg10 km 186 (Châtenois) Towns served: Châtenois, Neuveville-sous-Châtenois
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 201: Val au Renard/Grand Chêne
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 211: Malvaux/Faverosse
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg11 km 215 (Colombey les Belles) Towns served: Colombey les Belles, Nancy via RN74
  • Péage.pngPeáge de Gye
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.png Service Area km 225: Gye
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg12 km 228 Exchange A31-RN4 Junction with RN4 to Nancy, Paris.
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg13 km 229 (Toul-Valcourt) Towns served: Toul
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area km 231: Toul
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg14 km 233 (Toul-Croix de Metz) Towns served: Toul, Verdun via RD904.
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg15 km 234 (Toul-Dommartin) Towns served: Toul.
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg16 km 237 (Gondreville) Towns served: Gondreville
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area km 239: Forêt de Haye
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg17 km 246 (Parc de Haye) Towns served: Parc de Haye
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg km 248 Exchange A31-A33 Junction with A33 to Lunéville
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg18 km 249 (Nancy-centre) Towns served: Nancy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg19 km 250 (Nancy-Gentilly) Towns served: Nancy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg20 km 252 (Nancy-nord) Towns served: Nancy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg21 km 253 (Nancy-3 Maisons) Towns served: Nancy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg22 km 256 (Frouard) Towns served: Frouard
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg23 km 258 (Bouxières) Towns served: Bouxières
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg24 km 260 (Custines) Towns served: Custines
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg25 km 266 (Belleville) Towns served: Belleville
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 272: Loisy/L'Obrion
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg26 km 274 (Pont à Mousson (A313)) Junction with A313 spur to Pont-à-Mousson
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg27 km 275 (Atton) Towns served: Atton, Nomeny
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 279: Bois du Juré/Lesménils
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg28 km 281 (Lesménils) Towns served: Pont-à-Mousson, Lesménils
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg29 km 291 (N431-Fey (D66)) Towns served: Metz-Est via RN431
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg30 km 296 (Jouy) Towns served: Jouy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg31 km 299 (Moulins lès Metz) Towns served: Moulins lès Metz, Montigny-les-Metz
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg32 km 303 (Metz-centre) Towns served: Metz
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg33 km 305 (Metz-nord) Towns served: Metz
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area km 307: La Maxe
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg34 km 307 (La Maxe) Towns served: Woippy
    • Aire d'autoroute - station essence.pngService Area km 311: St Rémy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg km 313 Exchange A31-A4 Junction with A4 to Paris, Strasbourg.
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg35 km 315 (Maizières) Towns served: Maizières
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg36 km 318 (Talange) Towns served: Talange
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg37 km 320 (Mondelange) Towns served: Mondelange
  • Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg km 323 Exchange A31-A30 Junction with A30 to Longwy
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg37.1 km 325 (Bertrange) Towns served: Bertrange
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg37.2 km 328 (Illange-N153) Towns served: Illange, Yutz
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg38 km 330 (Yutz) Towns served: Yutz
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg39 km 332 (Thionville-Beauregard) Towns served: Thionville
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg40 km 333 (Thionville-centre) Towns served: Thionville
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg41 km 334 (Terville) Towns served: Terville
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg42 km 335 (Bétange) Towns served: Bétange
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg43 km 337 (Thionville-Elange) Towns served: Thionville
    • Aire de pique-nique.pngRest Area km 340: Entrange/Thionville-Porte de France
  • Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg44 km 345 (Hettange-Grande) Towns served: Hettange-Grande, Volmerange-les-Mines
  • km 351 Frontier with Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg where the road becomes the A3 autoroute.


There is a proposal to create a new autoroute, the A32, to relieve congestion on the A31 but the scheme is currently stalled owing to vigorous opposition.[citation needed]

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