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A3220 shield

Major junctions
South end: Clapham Common
51°27′41″N 0°09′37″W / 51.4613°N 0.1602°W / 51.4613; -0.1602 (A3220 road (southern end))
  A3 A3 road
A4 A4 road
A315 A315 road
A40 A40 road
North end: Ladbroke Grove
51°30′54″N 0°13′15″W / 51.5150°N 0.2208°W / 51.5150; -0.2208 (A3220 road (northern end))
Road network

The A3220 is a primary A road in London. It runs north from Clapham Common to the A40 Westway at Ladbroke Grove.

The road crosses the River Thames at Battersea Bridge. Turning left at the northern end of the bridge, the A3220 follows the northern bank of the Thames for some 500 m before swinging northwestward and becoming two separate roads as part of a one-way system. 500 m after crossing the A315, the route returns to being a standard bidirectional single-carriageway road for some 750 m as far as the Holland Park roundabout, from where it forms the dual-carriageway West Cross Route, formerly the M41 motorway.

Coordinates: 51°29′23″N 0°11′41″W / 51.4897°N 0.1947°W / 51.4897; -0.1947 (A3220 road)