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The A360 at Rollestone

A360 road shield

A360 road
Route information
Length: 24 mi (39 km)
Major junctions
North West end: Devizes
51°21′13″N 1°59′54″W / 51.3537°N 1.9982°W / 51.3537; -1.9982 (A360 road (northern end))
  A342 A342 road
A344 A344 road
A303 A303 road
A36 A36 road
South East end: Salisbury
51°04′21″N 1°48′17″W / 51.0724°N 1.8047°W / 51.0724; -1.8047 (A360 road (southern end))
Road network

The A360 is a minor A road in Wiltshire, England, running from Devizes to Salisbury, through the villages of Potterne, West Lavington, Tilshead, and Shrewton, and passing near Stonehenge.

The road starts at the junction of A342 and A361 roads in the town of Devizes, continues southwards to West Lavington via Potterne, then southeast to Shrewton via Tilshead, turns right at junction with A344 just near the Stonehenge, crosses A303 and continues southwards into Salisbury, joining A36 in the centre of the city.

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Coordinates: 51°12′31″N 1°56′09″W / 51.2086°N 1.9358°W / 51.2086; -1.9358 (A360 road)