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A4 most often refers to:

  • A4 paper, a paper size defined by the ISO 216 standard, measuring 210 × 297 mm

A4 and variants may also refer to:

Science and mathematics[edit]



Aeronautics and astronautics[edit]

  • "A-4 Helldiver", the civil version of the Curtiss Falcon an attack aircraft manufactured by Curtiss Aircraft Company
  • Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, a 1954 attack aircraft manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Company
  • Breda A.4, a 1926 Italian biplane trainer aircraft
  • Aggregat-4, the technical name for V-2 ballistic missile
  • A4, Southern Winds Airlines, the defunct Argentine airline, as its IATA code
  • A4, Azimuth (airline), as its current IATA code
  • A-004, the sixth and final abort test of the Apollo spacecraft
  • S.A-4 or A.4, 1915 French reconnaissance fighter built by SPAD



  • A-4, USS Moccasin (SS-5), a Plunger-class submarine of the United States Navy, which was renamed A-4 on 17 November 1911
  • HMNZS Kahu (A04), a 1978 Royal New Zealand Navy Moa-class inshore patrol vessel
  • HMS A4, an A-class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • Belgian ship A4, a Belgian naval patrol vessel of World War II

Other vehicles[edit]

  • Audi A4, a luxury compact executive car manufactured by Audi, introduced in 1994
  • Arrows A4, a 1982 British racing car
  • Prussian A 4, a 1913 German railbus

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