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A4012 shield

Major junctions
North end: Brogborough

A421 A421 road
A507 A507 road
A5130 A5130 road

A5 A5 road
A505 A505 road
A4146 A4146 road
South end: Leighton Buzzard
Road network

The A4012 is a road in the United Kingdom. It starts in the village of Brogborough to the south east of Milton Keynes on the A507 Ridgmont new bypass and heads southwest to the village of Woburn. Here it meets the A5130 and changes direction, heading southeast past Milton Bryan before crossing the A5 at right angles in the village of Hockliffe. After this it continues west on into the town of Leighton Buzzard. It finishes on encountering the A4146, the last stretch from Leighton town centre to the A4146 having been taken over part of the former route of the A4146, to Grovebury road following the whole of Grovebury road until it reaches the new A4146 at a roundabout built during construction of the bypass.

Coordinates: 51°57′47″N 0°35′35″W / 51.96302°N 0.59292°W / 51.96302; -0.59292