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A4042 shield
A4042 south from Pillmawr Road bridge - geograph.org.uk - 1564988.jpg
Major junctions
North endAbergavenny
Major intersectionsA40
M4 Junction 25a
South endNewport
Road network

The A4042 is a trunk road that runs from Abergavenny to Newport in south Wales.

Starting at the junction of the A40 and A465 south of Abergavenny, the A4042 travels south towards Little Mill north of Pontypool. This section is a single carriageway and is winding and undulating. From Little Mill onwards the road is dual carriageway, bypassing Pontypool and Cwmbran before crossing the city boundary into Newport. The road has a junction (25A) with the M4 motorway and south from there loses its primary status and becomes an urban road. The first section of which, Heidenheim Drive (named after one of Newport's twin towns), is an elevated roadway through the Crindau district. The road then becomes the Kingsway that passes through Newport city centre, and continues on as Usk Way until its junction with the A48 Southern Distributor Road to the south of Newport.


In the 1920s, the A4042 only ran between Newport to Pontypool. From Croesyceiliog it ran through the village of New Inn. From the mid-1930s the road was extended to Abergavenny (on the former A4125).

Due to major congestion in and around Cwmbran and Pontypool, during the mid-1980s and through into the 1990s phases of dual carriageway building replaced the A4042 and created new junctions into Cwmbran and Pontypool.


Northbound exits Junction Southbound exits
Merthyr Tydfil, Hereford A465
Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth A40
Ysbytty Fields Roundabout Start of A4042
Llanfoist B4269 Llanellen Junction Llanfoist B4269
Usk A472 Little Mill Junction Usk, Little Mill A472
Mamhilad Mamhilad Roundabout Mamhilad
New Inn New Inn Roundabout New Inn
Pontypool A472 (A4043) Pontymoile Roundabout Pontypool A472 (A4043)
Cwmbran A4051
New Inn
Craig-y- Felin New Inn
Cwmbran A4051
Croesyceiliog Croesyceiliog Roundabout Croesyceiliog
Caerleon B4236
Turnpike Roundabout Caerleon B4236
Crown Roundabout Llantarnam
Cwmbran A4051 Croes-y-Mwyalch Cardiff A4051 (M4 (W))
Start of A4042 Grove Park London, Chepstow A4042 (M4 (E))
Northbound exits Junction / Interchange Southbound exits
London, Chepstow A4042 (M4 (E))
Caerleon B4596
Grove Park Start of A4042
Cardiff A4051 (M4 (W)) Harlequin Cardiff A4051 (M4 (W))
City Centre
Civic Centre B4591
Exit only
Old Green Interchange Access only
Cattle market
Old Town Docks
Octopus Bridge Old Town Docks
Start of A4042 Old Town Dock (M4 (E)), Pilgwenlly, Docks, (M4 (W)) A48
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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