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A4067 shield

Route information
Length: 35 mi (56 km)
Major junctions
Southwest end: Oystermouth, Swansea
  A4216 A4216 road
A483 A483 road
A4217 A4217 road
A48 A48 road
[ M 4  ] M4 motorway
A474 A474 road
A4068 A4068 road
A4221 A4221 road
A4215 A4215 road
A40 A40 road
Northeast end: Sennybridge, Powys
Road network

The A4067 road is an A road in Wales connecting Swansea with Sennybridge. It runs in a southwest to northeast direction beginning at Oystermouth Square in Mumbles, Swansea, and continuing from there to Swansea city centre, where there is a break in the route. It begins again in Landore and climbs almost the full length of the Swansea Valley to the pass at Bwlch Bryn-rhudd, from where it descends to join the A40 at Sennybridge on the River Usk.

Settlements served by the road include:

Coordinates: 51°47′57″N 3°43′23″W / 51.79908°N 3.72306°W / 51.79908; -3.72306