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A4123 road shield

A4123 road
Route information
Length: 12 mi (19 km)
History: Construction completed 1927
Major junctions
Northwest end: Wolverhampton Ring Road
52°34′46″N 2°07′32″W / 52.579389°N 2.125453°W / 52.579389; -2.125453 (A4123 road (north end))
  A4150 A4150 road
A4039 A4039 road
A463 A463 road
A457 A457 road
A461 A461 road
A4034 A4034 road
[ M 5  ] M5 motorway Jnc. 2
A456 A456 road
A4040 A4040 road
Southeast end: Harborne, Birmingham
52°27′32″N 1°57′48″W / 52.458971°N 1.963203°W / 52.458971; -1.963203 (A4123 road (southeastern end))
Birmingham, Wolverhampton
Road network

The A4123, also known as the Birmingham New Road or Wolverhampton New Road, is a major road in the West Midlands linking Wolverhampton with Birmingham. It was one of the first major new roads constructed for use by motor traffic, and was designed as an unemployment relief project.[1] It runs roughly northwest to southeast from the Wolverhampton Ring Road to Harborne, west Birmingham.

Construction of the road began on 4 February 1924, and was built in individual sections.,[2] and provided jobs for at least 470 unemployed workers in surrounding areas including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, West Bromwich, Smethwick and Oldbury.[3] It was opened by the then Prince Of Wales (later Edward VIII of the United Kingdom) on 2 November 1927.[4]

The road has previously been a Trunk Road (looked after by the Highways Agency), but was detrunked on 13 November 2008.[5]

National Express West Midlands service 126 serves the majority of the A4123 from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. Buses run every 10 minutes during peak times.


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Coordinates: 52°30′40″N 2°03′58″W / 52.511161°N 2.066178°W / 52.511161; -2.066178 (A4123 road)