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A4135 shield

Looking east along the A4135 road in the village of Beverston
Route information
Length12.9 mi[1] (20.8 km)
Major junctions
southeast endTetbury
51°38′20″N 2°09′44″W / 51.6390°N 2.1621°W / 51.6390; -2.1621
northwest endSlimbridge
51°43′24″N 2°22′18″W / 51.7234°N 2.3717°W / 51.7234; -2.3717
Road network

The A4135 road is a road in Gloucestershire, England, connecting the town of Tetbury with the M5 motorway and the A38 road to the west, passing through Beverston, Dursley and Cam en route to Slimbridge.

In 2001 a speed camera was installed at Dursley with an associated speed limit zone of 30 miles per hour (48 km/h).[2] The image (right) depicts a typical stretch of the A4135 road; the dry-stone wall illustrated is of considerable age.

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Coordinates: 51°39′59″N 2°16′56″W / 51.6664°N 2.2823°W / 51.6664; -2.2823