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A431 road
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From: Bristol
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A420 A420 road
To: Bath
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The A431 is an A road running from Bristol to Bath in England. It runs parallel to, and about 3 miles (4.8 km) to the north of, the A4, the principal route between Bristol and Bath on the south side of the River Avon.


The A431 begins at a junction with the A420 at St George, about a mile (1.6 km) east of central Bristol. From there it runs through Hanham, Longwell Green, Bitton and Kelston to Bath.

2014 landslip and toll road[edit]

Main article: Kelston toll road

In February 2014 the road was closed near Kelston Park due to a landslip.[1] The closure could last for a year as the ground has continued to move and could slip further.[2]

Local resident Mike Watts created a private toll road over agricultural land to bypass the closed section which opened in August 2014. The toll road had two lanes 3.5m each and was 365m long. Pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or 3m in height cannot use the road. [3][4]

Work has now completed on repairing the main road and it is due to open to traffic at 6am on Monday 17 November.

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Coordinates: 51°25′24″N 2°27′20″W / 51.42332°N 2.45553°W / 51.42332; -2.45553