A49 derby

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A49 derby
Locale West Midlands
Latest meeting 3 November 2012 (2012-11-03)
Meetings total 28

The A49 derby is a football rivalry between Hereford United and Shrewsbury Town.[1]

The derby was listed as the nineteenth fiercest rivalry in English football by The Daily Telegraph,[2] with the two clubs last facing each other in the league during the 2011−12 season which concluded with Shrewsbury being promoted to League One and Hereford relegated to the Conference National. The last meeting to date was an FA Cup first-round tie the following season at Edgar Street, with Hereford winning 3−1.[3]

Hereford United were subsequently wound-up at the High Court in December 2014.[4] With the phoenix club Hereford F.C. currently competing in the Southern League South and West,[5] five divisions below Shrewsbury, it is unlikely the derby will be contested in the near future.


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