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A5012 road
Major junctions
From: Newhaven
To: Cromford
Road network

The A5012 road is a main road in the south of the English county of Derbyshire.

Around 9 miles (14 km) in length it connects two primary north-south routes, the A6 at Cromford and the A515 between Buxton and Ashbourne. It passes through Pikehall and Grangemill and alongside Ible.

The eastern part (Grangemill to Cromford, set in a deep valley) is known as the Via Gellia - named after its builders, the Gell family, who held lead-mining interests in and around Wirksworth.

The road has a poor safety record and is ranked the third-worst in Britain by EuroRAP.[1]


Coordinates: 53°07′24″N 1°39′30″W / 53.1234°N 1.6582°W / 53.1234; -1.6582